29 May 2012

Need a Professional Genealogist

Official summer season has begun with Memorial Day past.  Schools are soon to let out.  So by mid June its time to pack the overnighter and head on off to where every I need on the ground research.
My youngest sister was planning a trip on over to Ontario to investigate David Putman’s when her son finished his school year.  It now taken a back burner with our mom hospitalized and every one taking turns to be there for her & to help communicate with the Doctors for her care. So Life Happens!  Ancestors get to wait longer now.
So if you can’t go like my family situation but you still have that strong drive to further your research what to do you say?  Looks like a professional genealogist could help you out.  Why not look em up?
You say where do I find a Professional Genealogist?
1.   Local genealogy society chapter.  Google search it, get recommendations on who you are considering.
2.   Local phone book, again you will want recommendations for that person.
3.   Google search your with specific parameters for the kind of research you want done.
4.   Ask other family researchers who they know of who might be able to assist you.

What do you do in the summer time?   Genealogy!!!

28 May 2012

Genealogy on TV now on You Tube

So now that the seasons of “Who Do You Think You Are” and “Finding Your Roots” is over.  Cry Rant Cry some more especially since WDYTYA is cancelled by NBC.  Where do you look for more of that great genealogy expertise? 

Check out You Tube:  search for “Faces OF America” and “Black In America”  both of these excellent programs are genealogy based.  From the same great man that brought  us “Finding Your Roots “    Henry Lois Gates Jr. these are also his brain children.

We can all benefit from these genealogy programs.  After watching the first Finding your roots I was awe inspired since I felt like I had been to a genealogy Conference.  So excellently done.  All tru the season I found more information I could use in my research.  I hope you found that too.

My daughter found more of Henry Louis Gates Jr. programs on you tube.  Of couse I have watched them too.  Amazing amazing ways to further the genealogy work of many.


Imagine the internet crawling with Family History Blogs  this internet would help us all make really quick family connections.

We could go from 5 in our family tree to thousands of perfectly cited ancestors in no time. 

Lets all encourage all Family Historians & Genealogist to join in the Blog Fun!

Even if you have your Blog.  Shouldn't  your siblings to?

All family connection are unique we all interact differently with different people. 

Every time a relative reads your blog you have another chance of breaking down a brick wall.

Mem Day

Happy Memorial Day All

To those of Us Who Look for and Seek out The Ancestors  No matter where they are.

27 May 2012

Thomas Sherwood First male Sherwood in New World

Thomas Sherwood, Puritan, Fairfield, Ipswich England, Ship Francis
Thomas Sherwood was a Puritan.  

know facts:
He left England on the ship Frances in Apr 1634  and arrived in Boston.
 He was 48 yrs old his wife Alice was 47 yrs old.  
Their children came as well = 
Anna 14 yrs old, 
Rose 11 yrs old 
Thomas 10 yrs old 
Rebecca  9 yrs old. 

They did not stay in Boston.  They went along with others to settle Wethersfield.  That was in 1635.  In 160 he sold his lands to George Wyllys.  Then they moved to Stamford.  In 1648 there was another move when he sold his land to John Holly.    They went then to a new place for them Fairfield CT.

He made a Will on 21 July 1655, it was proved 25 Oct 1655.  His Children with Alice: [Anna is not listed] Jane, Margaret, Hannah, Thomas, Rose, Tamsen, Sarah & Jane are the 8 children in Thomas will for his wife Alice. 

  Also in his Will is his 2nd wife Mary (she may to be a Mary Fitch need much more clarity for this) and their children: Stephen, Matthew, Mary, Abigail, Issac & Ruth.

Thomas Sherwood 1st wife Alice

Children:  Anna - not listed in Thomas Will

                   Rose b. abt 1622 m 1st Thomas Rumble; 2nd  Thomas Barlow ;3rd Edward Nash

                  Rebecca abt 1625

                  Thomas abt 1624




                   Hannah Which is probably Anna on the ship passanger list. b. abt 1620




Thomas Sherwood 2nd wife Mary

Mary _____, Sherwood, Banks d. 1694

Children:  Issac

                   Abigail m. Danial Lockwood abt. 1668. She died in 1692

                   Ruth m. Joshua Holcomb in Windsor 4 June 1663


                   Matthew b. 1644

                   Stephen:  Conveyed in 1680/1 to my father Banks.

Mary ________, Sherwood, Banks  Will proved 6 Jan 1693 family in Will includes : Stephan's daughter Ruth, Matthew's daughter  Mary, Hannah, Ruth, Stephan & Issac.  The residue of the \Estate to her son Matthew

Thomas Sherwood son of Thomas Sherwood & Alice.

Finding my Sherwood Family in Old Fairfield CT

Yesterday I posted about Sarah Sherwood.  It's been interesting trying to come to a conclusion for her ancestors.  As I enter in names and dates I am not 100% is accurate so I hesitate.  After deleting all the I worked on Lucy Glover I am hesitant.

So trying to finish out Sarah Sherwood I have gone looking for books. Since there are not a whole lot of documents for the family.  On Google Books I have found several books that have genealogies for the Sherwood Family.

I just might figure out what no one else has been able to satisfy in the Sherwood genealogy.

When I posted yesterday in the title I wrote Sarah Sherwood not of Sherwood forest.  Guess what as I am going through the book list I see this:

    1899 - 1348 pages - Free Google eBook - Read
The Sherwood family is an old and numerous one in Connecticut. The first American ancestor, Thomas Sherwood. came from Sherwood Forest, ill England, and settled in Fairfield in 1639, frOm which time to the present his descendants have ...

Do you see where it says Thomas Sherwood came from Sherwood Forest.

Ask me thats just to Funny!!!  

Meloche Ancestors, Streets Roads Feed & Grain etc...


  On my Mothers Line I have ancestors with the name of Meloche.  There are streets & Roads named Meloche. In Amherstburn & LaSalle Ontario.  Then there is Meloche Avenue in Dorval Quebec.  I also found a Meloche Feed & Grain on McGregor St.  outside of  Amherstburg ON. Both the towns of LaSalle & Amherstburg are on the south side of Windsor, ON. Which is of course across from Detroit  [you can read an older post about Detroit and its French Canadian connection}.   I already knew of a street in the Detroit area with the Meloche name on it.  However when I searched today I learned something new.

  Go ahead put a ancestors last name in Google with street after it and see what you can find out more on your family.
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