17 December 2014

Van der Spiegel and de Rjicke European cousins Help needed!!! Van der Spiegel en de Rjicke Europese neven hulp nodig!!! Van der Spiegel et de Rjicke européennes cousines besoin d'aide!!! Van der Spiegel und de Rjicke europäischen Vettern Hilfe benötigt!

I have hit a huge Brick Wall.  My 3rd Great Grandparents Louis Van der Spiegel* & Idonia Rjicke.

They were suppose to have married in Belgium.  I cannot locate any such record for them.  

  Although I am most excited since cracking other Dutch lines, 

* Spiegel name has been written several ways, Speigel, Spegiel, Spegel, also with the der, then with Van der.  

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