15 February 2015

The Flemish American: The Achievements of the Flemings

The Flemish American: The Achievements of the Flemings

Belgium Demographics Photo from http://flemishamerican.blogspot.com/search/label/James%20Bond

Wow why are they all so seperate?

Need Help Please. Help Me vett this new Info.

Found this Tree while searching the internet, however before I can include it in my tree I need to vette it.  Meaning I need support for it.  What do I mean by support?

Begium, DeSgeghel, Rycke, Carolus Ludovicus, Jaecques, Pysson, Crombez, Klerken Belgium, married 1820,

Documentation of course.  What kinds, you ask?  Birth records, Baptismal-or similar records, school record, government record, as well Marriage records.

Plus if you see flaws with this tree, please point them out.  Then I will work to resolve them. I must be able to prove this tree. 

Carlos Ludovicus De Speghel, son of Johannes Baptista De Speghel & Anna Theresia Jacques .  He was born in Klerken Belgium

1st married Idonia Coletta de Dycke on 5 Feb 1860 in Klerken Belgium, she is the daughter of Emmanuelle Rycke & Rosalia Seraphina Pysson, b. 4 May 1799 in Klerken Belgium, she died on 29 Nov 1839 in Klerken.

issue of marriage:

  i.Charles Bernard DESPEGHEL was born 25 Aug 1822 in Klerken.
  ii.Jan Baptiste DESPEGHEL was born 11 Dec 1823 in Klerken, and died 30 Jan 1824 in Klerken.
  iii.Franciscus Bernard DESPEGHEL was born 20 Dec 1824 in Klerken.
  iv.David Alexander DESPEGHEL was born 17 Jun 1826 in Klerken, and died 13 Sep 1826 in Klerken.
  v.Virginia Sophie DESPEGHEL was born 13 Oct 1827 in Klerken, and died 29 Jan 1839 in Klerken.
  vi.Maria Theresa DESPEGHEL was born 27 Oct 1828 in Klerken, and died 17 Jun 1829 in Klerken.
  vii.David Alexander DESPEGHEL was born 3 Apr 1830 in Klerken.
  viii.Amand Joseph DESPEGHEL was born 10 Sep 1831 in Klerken, and died 20 Dec 1833 in Klerken.
  ix.Marie Theresa DESPEGHEL was born Nov 1832 in Klerken, and died 15 May 1834 in Klerken.
  x.Leonard Joseph DESPEGHEL was born 6 Oct 1834 in Klerken.
  xi.Bruno DESPEGHEL was born 10 Feb 1836 in Klerken, and died 25 Apr 1837 in Klerken.
  xii.Emiliana Sophia DESPEGHEL was born 26 Nov 1839 in Klerken.

2nd marriage to
m. Barbara Carolina TUYTTEN 12 Sep 1840 in Klerken, daughter of Joseph TUYTTEN and Angela Josepha WULLEPUT. She was born 1810 in Woumen, and died 15 Dec 1842 in Klerken.
No listed issue.

3rd marriage to
 m. Amelia DEBRUYNE 21 Sep 1843 in Langemark, daughter of Joannes Innocent DEBRUYNE and Barbara Theresa PROVOOST. She was born 8 Oct 1801 in Langemark.
No listed issue


This tree is of the De Speghel family. That arrived in Bay City,  Michigan - From Klerken Belgium
The Tree is of a Belgian Family.

Belgium has a very harried history. Several other nations overtaking it, many many wars fought on its soil.  The records can be in so many languages. 
+But to know which language the document was recorded in is another issue.   

09 February 2015

Ann Arbor Boy Moves to Buffalo NY with family and does good in his Future!

Edgar Boardman Jewett

He was born in 14 Dec 1843 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  His parents moved on over to Buffalo, New York in 1849 will Edgar intow.

His father John Cotton Jewett, Opened a manufacturing company in which refrigerators were manufactured.  As well as these other  durable goods, ice chests, water coolers, toiletwares, spittons, bathing apparatus,porcelined-lined coolers. Then in the science department they produced hospital & laboratoty equipment. 

When the Civil War broke out in 1861 Edgar B. enlisted as a private in Co. C, 74th Regiment N.G.S.N.Y.  While in May 1863 he was then elected Sergeant.  When he returned to Buffalo in 29 June 1865 he was then a First Sergeant.  He was commissioned as a First Lieutenant on 3 April 1866.  Along the way he was commissioned in various other Military Rank until he acheived Brigadier General of the 8th Brigade.  He served until 7 Dec 1855.  At which time he retired from military service and became the President & General Manager of his fathers company, John C. Jewett Manufacturing Company.


Jewett, Rowley, Buffalo, Black Rock, Civil War, Erie County, Mayor, Public Service, Long Military career, John Cotton Jewett
Edgar Boardman Jewett
Public Office   

1 March 1894 Gen. Jewett was appointed by Mayor Charles F. Bishop to the Board of Police Commissioners with a term of 5 years.  Edgar B. Jewett was elected as Mayor on 6 Nov. 1894.  During his term as Mayor the Masten Park High School was built.  There were also 11 other school built.

Jewett also supported a free library for Buffalo he did this by signing the document on 1 March 1897. 

The Buffalo History Museum building would not be there had it not been for E. Jewett signing a bill to provide a piece of park property.

Private Life
Edgar married Miss Elizabeth Poster Danforth, also of Ann Arbor, on 3 Oct 1865.
They had 4 children: Maude b. 1868 d. same year, George Danforth b. 1869 d. same year, John Edgar b. 1871 and Mabel b. 1877.

Some information is from: Memorial and Family History of Erie County, New York ...: Biographical and Genealogical ..., wikipedia, http://www.newyorkroots.org/index.php/new-york-counties/erie-county/218-memorial-and-family-history-of-erie-county-new-york-volume-i/284-jewett-gen-edgar-b-erie-county, and 

08 February 2015

Revisit Family Names from the late 1700's

Is your last name?

Ueberoth, Ufman, Vincen,  Uhlmann,  Uhlman, Ulbricht, Umberlain, Umphrey, Urdan, Urbin, Voss, Vosine, Vogel, Vogtmann, Volders, Voorhees, Vinquest, Virsing, Visneau, Vink, Mink, Winker, Visino, Visneau, Vinques, Verhoulst, Versinski, Veryeken, Viet, Vilade, Verellen, Verhooven, Vennix, Winnex, Verduyn, Vass, Vantrol, Vantol, Valendar, Vamender, Valender, Vallencourt, Vallendar, Vanderbilt, Vallie, Vallier, Valter, Valentine, Valure, Valay, Vanparis, Vanannhauld, Van Achten, Vanasee, Van Brocklin, Van Burskirk, Van Comber, Vanden, Vandenbossche, Vandendrook, Vanderhurk, Vandenhurk, Vanderhook, Vandenhook, Vanderboom, Vandermaile, Vanderplaise, Vanderwielen, Vanderwielen, Vander Weid, Vanderwial, Vantrol, Vantol, Vanoorchot, Vanogstraten, Vanmum, Vanmun, Van Ochten, Vanderk, Vanhurk, Vankerk, VanDyke, Vanusan, Vandewere, Vandusan, Van, Van Hoof, Vankerker, Vanmercour, Vanhaaren, Vanhaausen. Vanhamlin

Freel,  McDougall, McGunegle, Ward, Fisher, Cadillac,
Tarne, Davison, Lambert, Beaudet, family history, family fun, family lore, Hubbell, Cataline, Sylvester
Susannah Catherine Davison (nee Reeves),
 Leone Alma Bubeck nee Davison.
Flint,  Davison, Butcher,  Baker,  Candlestick,  Black, Przybyski, Randrup, Roubacher, Scott, Schavey, Sherman,

 Brown, Smith, Burton,  Potter,  Richfield,  Gore, Van Slyke,

Lippincott,  Atherton,  Williams, Miller,     Jones,  Saginaw,
Stoddard,  Newton,  Lewis,       Snow, Gold,  Silver, Tucker, Benz,  Carpenter,  

William Benjamin Carpenter

  Dummer, Newbury, Ragu, Spooner, Rinaldi, Water,

Vermeulen, Wager, Mullins, NobleMillis, Dow, Culvert,  Wisdom,   
Tenniswood, Ross, Diehl 

 Mastick, Gill, Winston, Wallis,  Savage, Lambert, Weir, Welch,
Diamler,   Lock.   West,   East,  Night,   
Hubbell, Wheeler, ODell, Turney, Meigs, Moorehouse, Sherwood, Sylvester, DuCap, Shaw, Cameron, Family History, Genealogy, Family, Caryl, Ranger, Kingsley, Cataline, Hainer, Verville, Beaudet, Thurston, Babbitt
 Bend,   Long,  Short, Hubbell, Wauker  
Holland, Spargo, Sylvester   Beaudet, Turney, Payne,
DuCap,  Verville,  Van der Speigel    Putman 
Hubbell, Wheeler, ODell, Turney, Meigs, Moorehouse, Sherwood, Sylvester, DuCap, Shaw, Cameron, Family History, Genealogy, Family, Caryl, Ranger, Kingsley, Cataline, Hainer, Verville, Beaudet, Thurston, Babbitt
Amenzo & Randall Van Valkenburg during pre Civil War
    Van Valkenburg,  

Yax, Jacks, Tarne, Hubbell, Wheeler, ODell, Turney, Meigs, Moorehouse, Sherwood, Sylvester, DuCap, Shaw, Cameron, Family History, Genealogy, Family, Caryl, Ranger, Kingsley, Cataline, Hainer, Verville, Beaudet, Thurston, Babbitt
Hainer.    Cameron   Shaw   Hurford   Herfurd,  Herford , Sherwood
  Cataline,  Catline
Catlina,   McCall,   Mc Donnell,  Mc Donell,  Mc Cloud, McGuiness, Mac Donell, Lott, Perry, Slocum, Thatcher,
O’ Rourkem, Thurston,  Wilder, Cargil,   Caryll,   Handdock  Paddock, Babbitt, Babitt, Babit, Bobet,  Babiolette, Badour,   Baggaleagh   Bailey, McCracken,
Padock,  Kingsley, Ranger, Pertious,  Persy,  DeQuire,   Hubbell,  Morehouse,
Sherwood, Bryan, Wheeler, Achon,  Ackerley, Alby, Aide,   Allan, Allen, Lovell, Mayo, Millar, Miller, Misner, Mount Ockerman, Phillips, Powell, Priest, Shirlaw, Shoults, Smith, Sorenson, Spence, Standish, Stanford, Stanton, Steel, Stephens, Stevens, Sullivan, Sutton, Swarthout, Tapp, Tarbell, Temperance Thompson, Thomson, Treat, Trott, Van Allen, Van Vlack, Van Wagoner Walker, Wangsness, Webster, Weller, White, Sacs, 

 Jennie, Holecheck, Founce, Duff, Hildreth, Ellis, Edwards, Doty, Bump 
Edward Bumpass

, Snowman, Snow, Paine, Parker, Parks,
Ginty, Pierce, Pierson, Baldwin,  Ball, Bell, Ballard,   Baribeau, Kiltz,, Hopson, Gaylord, Cogswell, Camp
Barlett    Bassett,  Basett, Beauchamp, Hiltz, Rjicke  Tessier    Beaumont, Beauvais, Adams, Alden, Barlett, Beaman,
Bennett,  Berube,  Clark, McKellar, Hamilton, Poe, Kerr, 

Allan,  Alplin, Alpers, Babb, Babbitt, Baker, Banghart, BaylesBeeman, Beutler, Biggs, Black,Blackmer, Bradley, Brink, Brinkerhoff, Brown, Bryan, Brzezinski, Buck, Buckley, Buck, Buckingham, Buckley, Burk, Camfield, Carpenter, Churchill, Clark, Cogswell, Coleman, Cooke, Cox, Cramer, Culbertson, Cummings, Cummins, Davidson, Deming, Denkhaus, Dickie, Dolph, Dunlop, Dyer, Easton, Engle, Estabrook, Flaws, Flummerfelt, Freelove, Goodrich, Goulding, Grimes, Gustafson,  Hayden, Hayes, Hollister, Holmes, Hope, Hopkins,Howk, Hutcheson, Hastings, Hutchenson, Jerusha, Kellie, Kelly, Kraus, Krausman, Lapman, Latimer, Lattimer, Linsley, Lizzie, Long, Loomis, Wilkinson, Wilkenson, Wilkensen, Willard, Wilson, Wolcott, Woolco, Woolworth, Woodeen, Wooden, Woodin, Young,

All photos from the web

03 February 2015

A New Baby!

Vintage Welcoming Baby!

In my family there were many babies.  

Lots of Sweet Sentiments were given.

The Cards are from the 1955-1967

Ice Cream Parlor Did you have an Ancestor that owned one?

Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor, Flint, Michigan, Ancestors, Fun, Ice Cream,

Paper menu from 1970's of Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor

                                                              Look at the prices from the mid 70's

Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor, Flint, Michigan, Ancestors, Fun, Ice Cream,

What a fun place to enjoy a treat.
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