28 June 2016

Who Does What Best?

Genealogist/Family Historian ASK THE Questions the rest of the Family is shy to to ask about.   

Now the Question been asked and They all want in on it if its good.  Other wise just keep the lid on it don't talk about it.  Who Knew??? 

13 June 2016

Irish Genealogy serachabel records

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Picture from PBS.org Irish Genealogy




Irish Land Owners Records:

  Helen Kelly  this can be a help to you if your Irish family Genealogy research.  



From Ancestry.com

Can YOU Help ME? Found a family tree hoping to break down my Speghe/Spiegell Brick wall.

Found this Tree, however before I can include it in my tree I need to vette it.  Meaning I need support for it.  What do I mean by support?

Documentation of course.  What kinds, you ask?  Birth records, Baptismal-or similar records, school record, government record, as well Marriage records.

If you see flaws with this tree, please point them out.  Then I will work to resolve them.

This tree is of the Speghel family. That arrived in Bay City, Essex, Michigan 
The Tree is of a Belgian Family.
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