18 August 2013

46 Chromosomes Thats what each of us are made from!

When Sperm penetrates the egg we have begun.  What we look like its all in the genes.  
Tall, short, dark, fair, pear, board or apple shaped.
Smaller odds then the roll of the dice.  

23 Chromosomes From Mom-Through Oogensis: 
 Science, Egg and Sperm, oogenesis, baby making, offspring 46 to 23 chromosones, Science

23 Chromosomes From Dad-Through Spermatogenesis:
Science, Egg and Sperm, Spermatogenesis, baby making, offspring 46 to 23 chromosones, Science

Its amazing that what we get.  

Fertilation Science, Science, Egg and Sperm, Human baby, baby made, Baby will come from union

So the Sperm brings its own individual 23 chromos. with it to the egg. The egg has 23 chromos of its own.

No 2 sperm carries different 23 chromos  as another sperm.  Same goes for the Egg each egg has a different lineup of 23 chromosomes.

Thats why we can all look so different then our siblings  then maybe all look so much alike.

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