13 June 2016

Irish Genealogy serachabel records

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Irish Land Owners Records:

  Helen Kelly  this can be a help to you if your Irish family Genealogy research.  



From Ancestry.com

Can YOU Help ME? Found a family tree hoping to break down my Speghe/Spiegell Brick wall.

Found this Tree, however before I can include it in my tree I need to vette it.  Meaning I need support for it.  What do I mean by support?

Documentation of course.  What kinds, you ask?  Birth records, Baptismal-or similar records, school record, government record, as well Marriage records.

If you see flaws with this tree, please point them out.  Then I will work to resolve them.

This tree is of the Speghel family. That arrived in Bay City, Essex, Michigan 
The Tree is of a Belgian Family.

18 March 2016

Suring up your Tree

Ways to Make sure your Tree stands up to Vetting.

Go over each Individual Ancestor make certain of the sources for them. (Review the source post).

No source, then find the info again.  See how you found it.  Make sure it not a "I found it on the internet source".  Get to the source of the information.  It may take work, work it, work it.

Go over every source.

Is it really a source?  Or just a story?  Get the real source, do interviews if you have to find the answer.  Find it out, get the documents that matter.

Who will Vett your Tree any relative that has also done work, or a realative that knows the true story and the true source for it.

It may be that relative you don't want involved in your tree/genealogy.  They just might have the best information to help you.  Tap into them. 

03 December 2015

Cemetery Treasures

Information contained in a cemetery

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Photo posted by Julie on FIND A GRAVE 6/05/2008 on Charles Carroll Memorial

Where, Who, When

Where: Cemeteries have information just waiting for you.  You say where is the cemetery?  They say in the town they lived in, where the family had a plot, or even, where the spouse was from.  Is where they could be buried.  Unless there was a tragedy elsewhere.  Then that changes the whole story. 


Who:  So now you used the death certificate to see where they are buried.  You are able to make it in person or get a photo of all sides of the headstone.  Dates check out as far as you know.  But wait,.........wait,................wait who is this other person listed at the grave ??? Can it be a child you never knew about? Can it be a spouse you never knew about?  What, they are buried with the IN-LAW??? 


When: Some folks get moved in their burial history, they were buried one place - well yea the one listed on the Death Cert. A new burial will not be listed on the original document.  I have not experienced this, so your really going to have to ask questions to a lot more folks then you might want to.  Just keep plugging along, the answer will be made self clear.  Keep turning over those big genealogy boulders with it's secrets underneath.  There can be amazing information contained on headstones that can be the best help you have ever received.   A while back Harvard Proffesor Henry Louis Gates Jr. helped Barbara Walters in her genealogy search.  In fact she had paid a genealogist to help her.  When Henry and his team went to work they followed the clues.  From one spot to the next in which led to the Head Stone  the information was priceless written right there the whole time.  When they say exhaustive search to be done.  Yep your exhausted, mentally and possibly, when its done.   

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Photo posted by Lucy on FIND A GRAVE on Corp Wesley Philemon Carroll Memorial

Help In Finding The Elusive Ones

Do you know yet about FIND A GRAVE  and A BILLION GRAVES  web sites.  Both of these sites are free to use.  Ancestry has Find A Grave linked into the hint system.  But just because you don't get a hint to a Find A Grave memorial does not mean that one exist.  Do you know you too can add a memorial that just might bring you family history you can't get anywhere else.  That's what happened to me.  I put up a Memorial for my Great Grandmother Katherine Kelly, Dotch, Putman.  A cousin contacted me through Find A Grave.  He was the piece I needed to put together Katherine and her Dad.  As I was able to provide him with missing pieces as well.

Best of luck looking for your Ancestors

27 November 2015

Using Ancetry.com Features in the DNA section

When you sat with your relatives this year what did you talk about any news of Ancetors discussed?  Did anyone talk about their DNA results?  Did you hear names never heard of before are you going to check them out?


  • Party, brothers party, Sylvester, brothers, thanksgiving, together, family, family fun, family time, genealogy, family history
    The young Sylvester brothers.
    Party, brothers party, Sylvester, brothers, thanksgiving, together, family, family fun, family time, genealogy, family history
    Now Much Older

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