29 February 2012

29 February 1704 Where your Ancestors involved in Queen Anne's War?

Deerfield, MA Lost 50 Colonist on this day. 

The Raid on Deerfield (or the Deerfield Massacre[8]) occurred during Queen Anne's War on February 29, 1704, whenFrench and Native American forces under the command of Jean-Baptiste Hertel de Rouville attacked the Englishsettlement at Deerfield, Massachusetts, just before dawn, burning part of the town and killing 56 villagers.
French organizers of the raid drew on a variety of Indian populations, including in the force of about 300 a number ofPocumtucs who had once lived in the Deerfield area. The diversity of personnel involved in the raid meant that it did not achieve full surprise when they entered the palisaded village. The defenders of some fortified houses in the village successfully held off the raiders until arriving reinforcements prompted their retreat. More than 100 captives were taken, and about 40 percent of the village houses were destroyed.

Deerfield, MASS, Massachusetts, Queen Anne's War, 1704, Deerfield Massacre

 More detail at Wikipedia

Brick Walls Discussed 1 at a time: Sarah Russell/Rhodes

Sarah Russell, Rhodes last know living place Vermont

In researching out Simeon J Caryl s  mother I was going no where until I found a message board post. 
From Sickles.   It reads: 
" Found in the book "Vermont Warnings Out" v. 2: Southern Vermont by Alden M. Rollins, CGRS, Picton Press, Camden Maine, 1977, p 276:

Town Records of Townshend, Windham County, VT, Vol 1 (1787-1822) (FHL 0029009) dated 01 JULY 1806 p 166
"Rhodes, Sarah (alias Carril), and her children Rusel Carryl and Simeon Carryl"."

As you see it does list out two sons Russel & Simeon.  Some theorize that Sarah last name must have been Rusel/Russell since one sons name is Russell.

Only fact I have for Sarah:  Living in Townshend Vermont in 1806

As you see here no Birth Date, No Death date, No Marriage date, many unknowns

28 February 2012

Brick Walls Discussed 1 at a time: Martha Gray

Martha Gray

  Know facts  She was adopted by the Gray Family.  No legal adoption records.  No knowledge of her birth place is known.

  In the 1870 U.S. Census living with Wesley & Maria Gray in Garden MI  her age is listed as 9

making her birth year appx. 1860-62

In 1880 she is married to Daniel Kelly with one daughter.

In  1900 still married to Daniel Kelly  two children same daughter & one son.

On 18 Dec 1907 Martha dies of Cervical Cancer  have death cert.  Seeking Mich.

Have been wondering since there is a story with out know facts. That Isabella Gray brought her to Garden MI.  It is said she is a graddaughter.  No known child of Grays or other surrounding family shows a birth for a daughter.

Is it possible that the orphan train was her origin???

25 February 2012

How one family can have so many brick walls?

Brick walls these are mine.  Who are yours?

Beaudet, Caryl, Chaddock, Gray, Kelly, Hadock,  Paddock, Putman, Rhodes, Rjicke, Russell, Spiegel

Mine are  Jonathon Cooke, last know place to live, Ontario Canada

David Putman  Last know place to live  Welland Ontario Canada

Martha Gray, adopted by the Gray family in Garden, MI  thats in the U.P.

Daniel Kelly last know place to live Garden, MI

Idonia Rijcke  last know living place Essexville, MI

Louise De Spiegiel last know living place Essexville, MI

Sebastine Beaudet last know Living place in France

Hannah Paddock  last know living place, Lapeer MI

Joel Caryl  Last know living place Vermont

Sarah Russell, Rhodes  last know living place Vermont.

Lydia Chaddock  last know living place in Vermont

DNA  bringing you your family connection.  As seen on Who Do You Think You Are!  Lucky for Blair Underwood as seen on Who DO You Think You are last night.  Looks to me like all families need one Female test done and one Male test done.  Build that Data Base.  How much quicker we could all find each other if that was done.

   DNA companies needs a sale.  Sell the kits halp price who much quicker the data base for connection could be made.

  Yea for Who Do You Think You Are !

23 February 2012

Brick Walls In genealogy

One of my highest Brick walls is David Putman.  Always hoping I am going to finally burst through.  Yet again I get a new clue that just gets me no where again.  DO I Give Up NO Way Hose B.

However a new place of his possible origins has been given to me.  So I wonder did he change his name?  To be someone else so he did not have owe up to his father.  All very very curious possibilities.

I need to have that male Putman cousin of mine take a DNA test to find out

1. Are we really descended from Putman

2. To find the rest of the family to be able to let them know of other relatives. 

21 February 2012

David Putman back in my Sights

Oh where are you from dear David Putman?   New York?  Canada?    What about Michigan?  Or maybe from Pennsylvania? 

I am going to find you.   Last place I left you was in a book.  Where they claim you did something Naughty & Not Nice.

But now I have just read about that your Vessel sank near Crystal Beach on your way to Black Rock.  You made it to safe land with getting out of the ship wreck via life boat.  Making your way up Chippewa Creek.

I now read how you never let your parents or siblings know you were alive and living in Ontario on the Niagara Pennisula.  Should we be upset with you.  Why of course not since If you did not go up that creek and make your way to a new life I would not be here.
Thank you

English naming of Children

An English tradition for naming offspring.

Naming traditions, brick wall, Cooke, Cook, Putman,

1st son would be named in the patriarchal line. 

* So 1st son is then named after his paternal grandfather.  Dads dad.

2nd son named after maternal line. 2nd son named after his maternal grandfather.  Moms dad.

3rd son will be named after after his own Daddy.

*4th son will bear the name of dads eldest brother.  This one must be most confusing since all the younger brothers who have a fourth son.  Will have a son of the same name.  Could lead to 5 boys of the same generation all with the same name. In the same generation.  Is it a wonder then a family of 5 sons  -- then all 5 sons have large families.  So they all name their 5th son the same name.  This is the Paternal line.  So for example there could be 5 cousins with the name of Thomas Moorehouse.

So the naming of the daughters follow pretty much the same way.

1st daughter is after the paternal grandmother.  Dads mom.

2nd daughter will be given the name of her Moms Mom.

3rd daughter will bear the name of her own Mommy.

4th daughter will be given her moms oldest sisters name.

You know this is only a guide.  It might help you to distinguish between folks when searching out a difficult family tree. No one can guarantee that all English families subscribed to this method.  It is only a guide.

When my husband & I named our children.
It went like this:
1st son after my **husbands favorite brother.
2nd son after my husband but not as a Junior.  But with what the *German call a saints name.

Our 1st daughter after paternal mother middle name
& Our 2nd daughter named after my moms middle name.

It was just how it happened nothing planned. Was never planned.

My eldest brother and his wife gave all of their children 3 names.  I really like that they did that.  All their names have a family name mixed in. It’s nice.

It great to see & hear how my nieces and nephews have named their children.

My one niece has 4 lovely children all named with first letter of “J”. Some great strong scriptural names there. 

I can see how its like the names are so new but really they are so old.

*more on this later
** I refused to have a Junior. I always remember Mickey Rooney saying ever child needs their own name not their fathers name.

18 February 2012

Where do you Hail from?

Have you ever been asked where did your Ancestors come from?  
Sometimes the only time people may think of it is on the long Census questioner form.  I am not sure if they even had a long form in 2010 federal census.

This of course can cause great thinking for some folks.  
 My dad would sit at the dinner table going over and over where our ancestors were from.  
His list was so much shorter then what I have come to learn over the past few years.

My Dads list was:

Canadian French
Native American
 [he did not have the correct tribe at all]

My list for my fathers side is:
Canadian French

My dad was close to 50% correct.  He was just missing all about his mom's side.
  Through my research I now know more then what I was told as a child

17 February 2012

To all of you who visit my blog on a regular basis.  Thank-you, I hope your either finding out about the family or something from history that was unknown to you.  Everyone else, please stop by again.  Also all my unknown family members I sure would Love to know more about you and how we are related!!!

16 February 2012

Detroit River Region

History and Knowledge of Detroit River Region & the People who settled it.

Detroit River Region Yax, Jacks, Meloche, Tessier, Port, Immagration, Family

Detroit was established as a fort from an idea of Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac .   In 1697 the French court began closes all but 4  Post/Forts.  Which were  St. Joseph of Miami,  Frontenac,  St. Louis of Illinois, & de Buade.   They closed the rest due to economic failures etc…

However Commandant  Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac did not see closing the forts as a good move.  He went to France  more then once to have a new fort built.  He did not want the English to be able to expand west.  Cadillac had a plan for his post.  Some would say he was a dreamer.  His plan was to convince the aborigines to settle out side his fort.  Cadillac saw the Detroit River area as a natural  defended area with it high banks and narrowest section of the river.   Some said it could not be done with the tension amongst the tribes. 

Detroit River Region Fort Pontchartrain, Meloche

 In 1700 King Louis said yes to Cadillac’s plan.  Fort Ponchartrain du Detroit  was then born in 1701. Fort Ponchartrain being named after King Louis' Minister of Marine Louis de Ponchartrain /or his son Jerome.  Veteran's Memorial Building covers the area where the first footsteps of Cadillac and his men landed.

In which every version you believe the first building constructed was either the Fort or the Church Ste. Anne de Detroit.  My bet is on the fort. Sice we all need shelter first. 

So thus began the Detroit River Region.

France was giving away land in order to entice French families to the region.  In 1708 there was a Conveyance Plan made.  If you look on the History Detroit website you can see a picture of the Conveyance.

It is shown over present day streets.  If you go to the Web site History 1701 2001 Detroit this map is also available in an interactive.  You can click on a spot it will say who had the land first.  Maybe it will be one of your Direct French Ancestors.
The Burton Library, located in Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library, 5201 Woodward Ave.,Detroit, MI 48202 (313) 481-1401. This is a superior collection of all Detroit French past.  If you are in the area I suggest a visit to the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Library.  Your French Ancestors may have come through the region.    

Detroit River Region Meloche

Do you have an ancestor who made their way to Fort Ponchatrain and received land?  I have several.  Plus if you read my entry on Jacks then you know too that the first German family here was the Jacks/Yax.

History 1701-2001 Detroit, 2008, http://www.historydetroit.com/part_2.asp
·  Burton, Clarence M. (2005) [1928?]. "City of Detroit". The city of Detroit, Michigan, 1701-1922. Ann
·  Fuller, George Newman (2005) [1928?]. Local history of Detroit and Wayne County / edited by George B. Catlin.. Ann Arbor, Mich.: University of Michigan Library. Retrieved 2007-04-10.
·  Bak, Richard (2001). Detroit Across Three Centuries. Thompson Gale. ISBN 1585360015.
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·  Denissen, Christian (1987). The Genealogy of French Families of the Detroit River Region, 1701-1936. Detroit Society for Genealogical Research. ISBN 0943112028.
·  Farmer, Silas (1889). History of Detroit and Wayne County and Early Michigan. Omnigraphics Inc; Reprint edition (October 1998). ISBN 1-55888-991-4.
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·  Gavrilovich, Peter and Bill McGraw (2006). The Detroit Almanac, 2nd edition. Detroit Free Press. ISBN 9780937247488.
·  Woodford, Arthur M. (2001). This is Detroit 1701-2001. Wayne State University Press. ISBN 0-8143-2914-4.

14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day


 A Day Filled With Love & Fun

09 February 2012

Get to know Michael Johannes Yax or should it be Jacks?

Oh What a Story to tell
Champane, Herbinne, Jacks, Meloche, Yax, Longueuil, Mauger, Rivard, Tremblay, Turcot, compass

In my research on my Detroit French families I have tried to follow up on what another cousin had discovered.   Our Ancestor by the name of Michael Yax has a story to tell.

With a name of Yax just where does it come from?  Turns out Michael’s family name should be Jacks. He is from Germany.  How does one mis-interrupter  the name of Jacks and morp it into Yax?   

Champane, Herbinne, Jacks,  Yax, Longueuil, Mauger, Rivard, Tremblay, Turcot

 If in my understanding most likely since Michael was German.  Pronouncing his name with his German accent then falling on non-German accent language familiarity ears .  Simply produced Yax.   Giving us JACKS into YAX.

 In my life time how many people have mispronounced my family name & married name.  Let alone how often they could not spell my first name. Which is Virginia a name you learn for certain in school since it’s a state.  Plus it’s the place Sir Walter Raleigh named after Queen Elizabeth.

Now back to Michael Jacks story.  Michael Johannes Jacks was born in

Champane, Herbinne, Jacks, Meloche, Yax, Longueuil, Mauger, Rivard, Tremblay, Turcot
 Koln, Germany in July  1709.  He met a young woman by the name of Catherine Herbinne who was 17 years his junior.  Together unmarried they sailed for the New World on a Sea going vessel named the “Lydia”.  Arriving in Philadelphia, some time between 1740 and September 1741.
After they arrived in the New World they married sometime prior/about to*April  1745. 

Meloche, Champa, Herbinne, Jacks, Yax, Longueuil, Mauger, Rivard, Tremblay, Turcot,
The marriage took place in Philadelphia, PA.   To me this is an extreme length of time for such a courtship.  Although that being said Catherine was all of 15 years of age and Michael 32 years old.   So waiting for Catherine to be a few years older well may have looked better. There are no known births of children born to them before 1747.

 Now with Catherine as his wife they set off on a perilous journey.  

Champane, Herbinne, Jacks, Meloche, Yax, Longueuil, Mauger, Rivard, Tremblay, Turcot, compass
They were off to the Louisiana Mississippi River area to a place known as Pointe Coupee.   They never arrived there.  No instead their journey took them to many places that was not their destination.    It is written that “ Michael Yax attempted to walk from  Penn. To the Mississippi at the place called Pointe Coupee to establish a small colony of Germans.

Champane, Herbinne, Jacks,Yax, Longueuil, Mauger, Rivard, Tremblay, Turcot
Boy did he need one of these compasses
He lost his way and after many privations and trials he was captured by the Ottawa’s who stole from him and sold his wife to Mr. Longueuil the commandant.
How easily in 1745 or shortly there after one could lose where to go in the wilderness.  For the urbanites to leave and to go into the wilderness there had to be such a strong drive to push them out there.  You had to be a real trail blazer. 

  How is it that the Ottawa's sold his wife?  How did he escape from his captures?  How did he get his wife back?  These details are not known.  It would be wonderful to know all of those details. 
 So now back from the wondering.   To find out now that the Commandant Longueuil  area was Detroit. I have not researched into what a Commandants job entailed. When I first read this story I was very curious as to who this man might have been that the Ottawa’s felt ok selling a woman to him.  Lots and lots of speculation there. 

 It is clear to me now Why they were in the Detoit region. Due to being captured by the Ottawa's. 
A few many questions still remain such as how did Michael gets his freedom.  Did he have to buy his wife back from the Commandant???  [Lots of great  summizing to be done for fun.] 

 Now that they have made it to the Detroit region they settle in and start having children.
First child is Mary Catherine b. Feb 1747, m. John Baptist Rivard.

Second child is Angelica b. Feb 1749, m. Tranquille Turcot.

Third child is Louis Michael b. Nov 1751, no marriage known.

Fourth child is Cecilia b. Sep 1753, m. Louis Michaeil Tremblay.

Fifth child is Mary Joseph b. Dec 1755 died May 1764.

Sixth child is Simon b. Nov 1758, m. Isabella Mauger.

Seventh child is John Baptist William b. Jan 1760, no known marriage.

Eight child is John Baptist b. Nov 1761, m. 178? Regina Christina Huet dit Champane

Ninth child is Pierre b. Apr 1763, no known marriage

Tenth child is Joachim b. Nov 1768 d. May 1769

Eleventh child is Nicolas b. 1770 d. Nov 1772
It’s interesting that Michael was 61 when their last child was born and Catherine was 44.  

 Michael received a **French land grant sometime 1751 in Grosse Pointe.  Funny they still ended up in a land with the name Pointe in it.

 If by chance you too are a descendant of Michael & Catherine Jacks/Yax and you have additional info.  Please contact me so I may update the info.

·           * Note some of the time line for birth and etc… just does not sit right in my brain.  But as always the dates may be irrelavent to the facts of the story.

 **please refer to History of Detroit for further info.


Genealogy of the French Families of the Detroit River Region, by Rev Fr Christian Dennisen  1701-1911 Vol I & II,

08 February 2012

In Iceland how one way they can find out if they are Related to the Person their dating

Just read the Article that "Weekly Genealogist" had in this weeks newsletter. 

Read here:


When I come across marriage registers that do not include parents names.  I often wonder how do they even know if they are related or not ??? Are they marring siblings or cousins I hope not.

Iceland, avoid incest with who your dating, Close relation, Dating, Family lore, Genealogy, Family History

Iceland, avoid incest with who your dating, Close relation, Dating, Family lore, Genealogy, Family History

05 February 2012

Updated 18 feb 2012 more added soon

Please if you have information to Correct me or to Add Please by all means contact me so I can add or fix this!!! 
New Update 18 February 2012
added info from cousins

Putman Descendants of John Putman & Marilla Cohns/Cook***
 John Putman and his wife Marilla had several children.  I have been working on piecing them together.  I am descended from  their son William Putman who married Anna Minerva Caryl.
I would love to find out more on the family and the current descendants.  If you too are descended from John & Marilla please do let me know.  Lets talk!!! 

For A few years I have tried to find out where all of John & Marilla Putmans children went to.  For the most part there has been nothing for the daughters.  Now that Family Search.org has put up Michigan Marriages I have now been able to at least find marriages for 4 of the 5 daughters.

    1st born: Jonathan Putman b.1837 married Sarah Bower   
        Children of marriage:
 a] George A. Delbert Putman b. 1860

(1st) m. Ella Richards 
                     George & Ella children:
                                   1. Flossie Putman
                                   2. Orin Putman
(2nd) m. Ada Dutton   
                    George & Ada  children:
                                  1. Cora B. Putman
                                  2. Vance E. Putman
                                  3. Leo A. Putman

(3rd) m. Harriet Josephine Wallington
                      George & Josephine  children:
                                  1, Harvey E. Putman
                                  2, Newton A.  Putman
                                  3, Donald E. Putman
    b] William Byron Putman b.1863 m. Mary
                 William & Mary children:
                                 1. Wesley W. Putman
   C] Arthur Putman
2nd born: David Putman b.1840 married Elizabeth J. Mattson
     Children of marriage:  a]  Marilla Frank Putman b.1858 m. Peter Cline Smith
                       Children of Marilla Frank & Peter Smith:
                          1, Gertrude M. Smith
                          2, Myra  Smith
                          3, Delbert Smith
           4, Margaretta Smith
           5, William Smith
           6, Mary Smith
           7, Jennie L Smith
  3rd born: Martha Jane Putman b.1846 1st married Augustus King in Metamora, MI
     Child of marriage: a] Augustus King m. Jennie
   Martha Jane Putman 2nd married Henry Thomas
     Children of marriage: b] Arthur Thomas
                           c]  Marshal  Edgar  Thomas             
                           dParshal  Nelby/Welby? Thomas
                           e]   Timothy Walter Thomas         

4th born:  Rhoda  Putman b.  married Franklin McGarvey  in St. Johns, MI

    Adopted son Frederick Sharp born in Flint        

5th born:  Sarah  Putman b.   married  William Alexander Robison
                         Children of Marriage: a] Alfred A. Robison m. Minnie
                                                                  Children of Alfred & Minnie Robison
                                                                          1] Coyle Robison
                                                                           2] Cecil Robison
                                                                           3] Crystal Robison
                                                     Another child listed with them is a Terese Barnes???
                                                                 b] Maud Robison
                                                           c] Margaret Robison m.1st Harry Woodcock

                                                                   Child of Margaret & Harry Woodcock
                                                                           1] Ruby
                                                               Margaret Robison m.2nd L.S. Dart
                                                            d] Rose Robison m. Aud Mercer
                                                                     Child of Rose & Aud Mercer
                                                                         1] Elva m. Mr. Cook

                                                             e] Edith Robison

                                                              f] Cora Robison


6th born: *William Putman b.1853  married Anna Minerva Caryl
   Children of marriage:
             a] Emma Putman m. Joseph Alexander Good
             b] George Byron Putman ** contact me regarding his wives**
            Know issue of m. to Hattie Fields: Herbert Putman
Know issue of m. to Katherine Kelly: Martha Etta Putman

    c]  Jess Newton Putman b. 1885 m. Mary Cavanaugh
         Children of Jess & Mary
             1, Gertrude O. Putman
 2, Helen I. Putman
3, Franklin Putman
4, Alton Putman

    d] Guy Caryl Putman b. 1887 m. Mary Agnes Willette
            Children of Guy & Mar yPutman
      1, William C. Putman
     2,  Kenneth A. Putman
    e] Ida Marilla Putman b. 1892 m. Frank Finkle

7th  born : Maria  Putman b.1855   married Elias Robison

8th born:  Alfretta Putman  b. 1856  I have no other information on Alfretta

If you need to add or have a correction for me please let me know tru the Comment at the bottom of this post or contact me tru Ancestry.com  Shakindatree  message service

*William Putman my 2nd G. grandfather
** George Putman wives:  If you have questions please write to me here using the Commetl link.
***Mark Putnam of PutmanFamily Bullientin  said Marilla s last name maybe Cook instead of Cohns

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