31 December 2011

Movement in the 1700-1800's 4 the DuSyl Ancestors

 Check out how many times some ancestors moved mostly East to the West. 

Example my Caryl family line.  Of course the first came over from England.  Landed in Massachusetts. Moved around a bit.
Then much more with the Minister Benjamin Caryl.  Then a few  sons &cousins moved up to Vermont.  From Vermont his decendants went to New York and Ohio [Lydia married Mr. Mastick] Some even went back to Lynn Massachusetts.

 My line came out of Vermont then into New York for  generation then over into Michigan in the mid 1800's.

Would you like to see the migration patterns for your Ancestros  Using Family Tree Maker when connected to the internet you are able to map out one individual life on the maps. 

What a great tool to learn even more about your family.

30 December 2011

DuSyl Family Lore & History: DNA DNA DNA DNA DNA DNA DNA in DuSyl lines

DuSyl Family Lore & History: DNA DNA DNA DNA DNA DNA DNA in DuSyl lines:

Another day to add more thoughts and info. We all know of those family members that roll their eyes when Genealogy/Family History is mentioned...


Another day to add more thoughts and info.

We all know of those family members that roll their eyes when Genealogy/Family History is mentioned.  So just maybe they don't get how their very life depended on those that came before.

So if you haven't checked out my generations chart you might like a peek at it now.  An opening line could be:
"It took over 1 million ancestors to make me"  Will this get them thinking hey what about me  it is really that many?

Who knows it just might the right juice to get them involved.  Let me know if you have success with this idea.

28 December 2011

Elusive Ancestors for DuSyl

So you think that Ancestor is yours  think twice before you add them in.  Does that birth and death date make sense?  Was their child born at an appropriate age.  [The body is a wonder in one such way is that the older a couple gets the less likely they produce more children.  Since the casing on a womens egg hardens m=so much harder fro the male sperm to penatrate. ]   Cause if the dates don't meet up then its nost likely that tree your following is not correct.

I have read about a man in the past 300 years that was making money by providing false pedigrees.  You will all want to find out for your self if any of the lines your following fell into that catagory.  Good Luck in your True Search

The after Christmas affect on DuSyl

Now its a few days after Christmas.  Christmas Parties for DuSyl is over.  Now looking forward to ending the old year, and bring in the New Year in Style.   Thinking about those New Year Resolutions.   For genealogy the First 10 are a chince.  But on to the rest of them.  This requires some much thought.

What are your first 10 Genealogy/Family History resoultions you have officialy listed out?  Not your to do list for 2012.  Can you believe it 2012  WOW.  I believe my first is not to be so obsessed with it.


Blogging on your blog DuSyl challenge

I hope all had a MARVELOUS Christmas. 

 Its always a challenge to get back into the FamilyHistory grove once u step away from it for a few days.

FamilyHistory Blog, Family Lore, Genealogy Blog, Blogging for Family
FamilyHistory Blog, Family Lore, Genealogy Blog, Blogging for Family

 Thats why I imagine many of the blogs sit for a long time with out updates. 
FamilyHistory Blog, Family Lore, Genealogy Blog, Blogging for Family
FamilyHistory Blog, Family Lore, Genealogy Blog, Blogging for Family

 So I am challenging all bloggers to take up a challenge 2 post at least 3 times a month.

FamilyHistory Blog, Family Lore, Genealogy Blog, Blogging for Family
FamilyHistory Blog, Family Lore, Genealogy Blog, Blogging for Family

  Even if your only blogging about the weather.   

Good luck   pictures from Google Images

24 December 2011

DuSyl Blog Wishing you a Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas   The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year  On my wish list had I made one from last year would of included:    Finding a connection with David Putman married to Dorothy Hainer

22 December 2011

Santa & Ancesrty.com

Such cute Hillarious Santa / Ancestry.com ads.   Great way to get in the Christmas Spirit.  It will make you laugh for sure.  Also I saw on Utube where there is a Santa interview.  My Best Pick of the Christmas Season.  Enjoy for sure.

NEHGS Weekly genealogist notes

I am on the mailing list of the NEHGS Weekly Genealogist.  One of my fav features of it is the Whats in the news regarding Genealogy. 

Seeing my post from yesterday I wonder myself If I had seen the Article b4 I wrote about genealogy for Christmas gifts.  So Check out this story about a similar situation.  Wonder News.   http://www.myfoxtampabay.com/dpp/news/local/hillsborough/contents-of-auctioned-storage-unit-take-family-on-cross-country-adventure-121311
Oh please let me know what you think.  Should we all start scouting storage units for Genealogy?

21 December 2011

Christmas Ideas from DuSyl Blog

Genealogy chart of generations.  It can fit any level 3 for beginners.  4-6 generations for more advanced. Of course the more completed genertions the better.  Then also there is the Direct Line Chart.  So either Moms maiden name or Dads last name. Following the direct line say 10-15 generations.

Please know for every deceased Ancestor name you provide your living relatives it can spark a piece of Magic in them.  That they too may want to join in the Hunt.  You have already done the work so share it in a Special way this Christmas.

Family Names Are u Related to me?

My Ancestorsal names as follows
Beaudet DuCap Sylvester  Sylvestre Coffes
Beaudet dit DuCap Tessier  Spegel Spiegel
De Spegel Putman Cataline Savinella Jencks
Beauchamp Hurford Herford Rean Brown
Ranger Bailey Verville  Rjicke DuCharme
Charrone Meloche Rivard Bray Whitney
Stoddard Crane Lettlye Carroll Carrol
Howard Ballard Barlow Dunham Eure
DeSwynnerton Hinkson Edmunds Rice Corey
Glover Bryant Baribeau Dessureau 
Beke LaJeunesse  Beauvais Brunet
Tabault Savage Bould Bold Boteler
Butler Kinsley Stafford Bouchaine
DeAudley DeStafford Beauvais Solde Menard
Crosnier LePoiter Bourdon Crevier Tichot Tabault
Solde Bennett Knowlton Gater Bailey
Baylee Hollier Bellmaniere Charles Hoar
Jolivet Girardin Howard Brereton Loker 
Woods Sanderson Berube Blaney  Edmunds Rice Bobet
Tarne Venables Brereton Brisson Bronson
Bompasse Booth Clark Jones Hawley Brooks
Bond Mollineux Forestier
Borden Cooke Boothwell  Dunn Bouart
Bilaude Bouchard
Trotin Boulanger

20 December 2011

Du Cap Christmas Party 2011

What a wonderful Day for our Annual Christmas Party.  Family all together.  Celebrating Christmas & Family.  It was fabulous to see all the Great Grand Nieces & Nephews. Then to catch up on my nieces & nephews lives.  Of course to get all those loving hugs. 

14 December 2011

DuSyl Family Lore & History

How I came up with my title may be of great interest to some.  I came up with it by combining the Family names of  Du Cap & Sylvestre .  To make it simple I just took the beginning of both names and fit the best way they went together.  Syldu  did not work yucky infact.  So switch around to "DuSyl"  can even say it easily.  So now the rest of it. Giving a differnt twist. Instead of just saying genealogy the study of my Ancestors I want it diffrent.   Since Family History is living breathing and there just might be a piece of info I don't always have so to me "Family Lore" fits right in there.  Ever day my family is making "History" or "Herstory".

Voile  "DuSyl Family Lore & History" is on the BLOG.   Chuckle chuckle

I would love to hear how you came up with your unique way of naming your Blog. 

13 December 2011

Tuesday Morn

Here it is Tuesday.  Yea!  Time for more Family History Lore
Do you ever find your self asking why did the Ancestors move around so Much?  This applies to pretty much any one whose parents /grandparents that were born somewhere other then the town/city/village that you presently reside in.

Did you know that with many Wars prior to 1855 that the Service men/Vetrans were given land as payment for their service.

So if your Ancestors fought in the Revolution War they were given a Bounty Land Warrant.  This BLWarrant was transferable to Widows.  They had some work to do however before they received this Bounty.  They had to apply for it.  Then if it was given next they had to apply for a Land Patent.  Red Tape was thick even back then.  Once the land Patent was given it proved [European thought of] ownership of the land.

10 December 2011

My Story of how I connected with a Living cousin, With some research methodology applied

A Lost Cousin Found
       I have a 2nd cousin who died in early 1970s I knew he had 2 daughters. So I decided to search for them. At the beginning with just putting in their last name and last know place of living into Google.  I found bits and pieces. Then I found a Cemetery where one had already died.  But I kept looking to find if the other daughter was still around.  So in using Google I just kept in putting in his name this way and that way.
      Then I hit pay dirt.  Since my cousin was in the Navy and had served on a ship/Sub. His daughter had listed him in a web site for the sub he served on.  So I sent her an email.  It was a few weeks later then I did hear from her.  We emailed and spoke on the phone.  Found out that her sister had died in a fire.  That was sad to learn.  You never know what your cousins have been through.  I know it did her good to hear from me.  She has is very artistic I have been able to enjoy some of her work.   Since her dad was stationed in Massachusetts for a time when she was growing up were we able to share some fun memories of Mass and they way then language is spoken here. Great fun
  My motto don't give up cause you just might find your needle in the next haystack.
A Success Of 2011

Time for a New Ancestor to follow: Perkyns

I do have the Perkyns of Ipswich, Mass in my line.

 Some say they are decended from Royalty but in my research I did not find it to be true.   Be careful of what other people say about the family.

New Word Clouds the places my Ancestors are from

09 December 2011

ReSearch Tips

So just when you think you can't find anything else out about what seems like the most Elusive Ancestor.
My suggestion  Read Re-read re-read one at a time the documents, forum post, messages from others interested in the same ancestor.  It all about gleaning that one clue stuck in that place which you may have missed more then once.  Cause if your anything like me.  It only pops out as important after you found that other piece of info first.  Then the Light goes off "thats It". 

  Then there are libraries that actually have Diaries or Journals that might have one snippet of info about that Ancestor.  I still have not found such a Help for myself.  But I just feel it that someone in the Little Village of Garden, Michigan had wriiten a little somthing about when Martha showed up.  My search ( & my sis GeGe) to find out the Parentage of our 2nd great Grandmother Martha Gray has been very elusive.  I gained the help of a Historical Society member who did everything possible to help me.  The one thing I did find out was that a notation in a Typed out genealogy on the Gray Family was penciled the word ADOPTED above her name.

Since this Village is small & a good distance from the County Seat understandable that there are No Adoption Records.  her husband Daniel Kelly did leave a Will,  I was able to obtain a copy.  But no family other then know decendants are listed in the will.  It was a good exercise to seek out the Will through Probate.   The one place I have found differing information is on her 2 childrens death certificate.  On My 1st Grandmothers her Mothers last name is Gray -the adopted family.  But now on her sons Death cert.  Her last name is Strong.

Garden Michigan, Gray, Kelly, Trueblood

 Most intriguing is that death cert are only as good as the person suppling the info. It on their knowledge that its filled out.  Kinda like the census could be correct but then maybe not so correct.

So my search continues for Martha & parents.  If I could just accept her Adopted family that would be so easy.  Since they are the Gray & Truebloods.

Family Name Cloud

I am going to make a word cloud that will encompass as many Family Names I have now.   Can'i wait to see how it will look when finished.

08 December 2011

How Many Ancestors did it Take to make YOU?

By the time you get back to the 21st generations from you it is: 4,963,360 Ancestors.  

  This is of course if there are no cousins marring cousins.  The further you go back the easier it is to find such relationships.

1st                 2 
2nd                4
3rd                8
4th               16                     
5th               32                     
6th                64                
7th              128                
8th              256                
9th              512                
10th         1,024                
11th         2,048                
12th        4,096
13th        8,192
14th      16,384
15th      32,768
15th      65,536
16th     131,072
17th     262,144
18th     524,288
19th  1,048,576 
20th  2, 097,152     

Laguerre Creation Labs 2011

New way of Thinking of the Ancestors Get to those Family Reunions

One fun thing about doing Genealogy is finding Cousins you did not know existed. 

 It is such a pleasure to find cousins.  They can be so helpful.  

Cause what you learned from your parents or grandparents about your family can be confirmed or added on to from those cousins.

DNA, DNA Family, Family History, Family Lore

  For example the Putman line in my family as far as my Dad & Aunt knew no county of origin was even ever discussed.

    So tada enter in a new cousin now he knew from his dad that the Putman's are Dutch.  Well thats a great way to help me out.  So no more searching through the Putnam English lines.

   Cause I know I have been looking in the Ontario Dutch lines to figure where My David Putman fits in.


Welcoming Day

First day for the DuSyl Blog
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