31 January 2012

Hainer Loyalist

Hainer Loyalist moved to Canada at time of Revolutionry War 1776

Loyalist Hainer 2nd generation descendants:
Dorothy HAINER   b. ABT 1788,  She married David PUTMAN on 24 MAY 1807 in Niagara Ontario. David is said to be from  Louth Township, Lincoln County, Ontario

Children of Dorothy HAINER and David PUTNAM are:
1] John Putman b. ABT 1808 or 1813 differs amongst stories & records, . He married Marilla Cohns/Cook

2] Adam Putman  b. ABT 1810,. He married Delila GROUGH
3] Francis Putman  b. ABT 1814, He married Mary Jane MORROW 

4] Henry Putman  b. ABT 1816,. He married Melinda ROBINS 
5]  James Putman  b.n ABT 1819,. He married Mary Jane MYERS
6] William Putman  b. ABT 1822, He married Elizabeth CAUGHILL

7 ]Mary Putman b. ABT 1825, She married Edmund VAUGHAN

8]  Hannah Putman b. ABT 1828,. 1st She married Myron BROOKS  
then she2nd  married George JOHNSON.

9]. Elizabeth Putman  b. ABT 1831, She  married Peter KELLS.
10]. Albert Putman  b. ABT 1812,. He married Mary VAUGHAN.

John Putman
  & Marilla Cohns/Cook
Dora Putman  should her name be Rhoda or Dorothy?

Name Screw ups In USA

In my search for my Putman ancestors one of the biggest stumbling blocks I encounter is in the name spelling of Putman.  I have distant cousins that accepted the incorrect name spelling and now have their name spelled as Putnam.

There is the common name of the English Putnam.  Which is not Putman.  Putman is as appears to be Dutch/German.  
Putman could have been Vootman etc…  Many different spellings are possible  after they landed in the New World.

Since it seems to me most record keepers in the New World did not concern themselves with family name preservation.  That they only knew their way of understanding names.  No sensitivity training back in those days.  So if your like me your lat name is maybe also the wrong last name.  

When my Canadian French Great Great Grandfather came to Michigan the family name went from Beaudet dit DuCap to just DuCap.  Then a German line with the family name of Jacks became Yax.  

It would be interesting to learn of all the different name misspellings there are in the United States. 

25 January 2012

Twitter Connection Connections

Do you every wonder how you could make connections busing social media ie Twitter, message boards, etc...

Guess What I have made a new connection.  With a far far distant cousin.  I will see how much we can help each other in the research process. 

The connection begins with Dorothy Hainer and one of her brothers.  Dorothy is the wife of David Putman. Mother of John Putman. [ By the way there are many David & John & William & George Putman/Putnam out there.  Which make the lines tricky to connect.]  She is the daughter of Albert Hainer & Catherine Vollick/Van Valkenburg.  Albert Hainer and his brother Derrick/Richard were Loyalist.

Can you believe this both brothers had a daughter named Dorothy.  That was a interesting sorting of marriages etc...

I am off to write this Newly found cousin thank you social media.

21 January 2012

Using Message Boards To Help Find Your Elusive Ancestor

How many times I have posted to a Message board either on Genforum or Ancestry.com and I Have received a reply.

It works it has worked for me over 7 times.  I have posted to specific sub topics/Family name board.  I have received a message back.  It s normally a couple of years or less.  In 2010 I received a reply to a post that was almost 3 yrs. old.  They were so helpful.

I believe the only way someone is going to find out who your looking for is to let others know who your looking for.  By every means necessary.

My list includes:  Blog


                              Web sites that allow you post your research
                              Join your local Genealogy History Society, they will have a member section should allow you to list out who your researching.
                             Volunteer for Find A Grave   [Found a 8x removed cousin]
                             Your family web site [if you have one]
                             Sign Guest books of family web sites [ I found a cousin by this method it was non genealogy related though].

Happy Posting to these wonderful resources.  Remember to verify before you accept as fact.

20 January 2012

How to know which line to follow and for how long without any answers? Martha Gray/Strong

My experience has been Followin the direct line is best brings quickest results.   Then if an ancestor is elusive you will have to follow a different path.   The Cluster way of Genealogy.  When you can no longer follow your direct line it's time to skirt around it.  ie...  Grandmas mother mother no known paretns can be found.  Well did she have a sister or brother?  If yes then follow them.   If you are able to find out about them, then you should be able to then find out who their parents are.

I tried to do this for my GGGmother Martha Gray [Strong]   I have not had success.  No known birth records of the children. So there is no way to know what her parents names were.    It is most difficult since she had only 2 children one son & one daughter.  Her son died without marriage or offspring.  Her daughter was married twice had two children.  She died in her early 30's  No family history kept.

By the way this all took place in a tiny place called Garden, Delta,  Michigan. In the Upper Pennisula.

When Martha's children died their death records conflict of the known parents names.  On her daughters death cert. her name is Martha Gray  but on her sons death record she is listed as Martha Strong.

Facts I do know and have sources for.  She was living with Gray family in 1870  She married Mr Daniel Kelly had two children Hugh Thomas & Katherine.

It is believed that Martha was adopted by the Gray family.  There are No Adoption records for this.  In Daniel Kelly's Will the only child listed is his daughter & grandson.

Some would say the search is over you cannot go any further.  Follow the adopted family.  I have them. great family historythere.  So my search continues...

My Family Names in Research

Please note I have tried to include various spelling of names as well.

DuCap /  Sylvestre Sylvester /  Tessier  Tacey /  Putman / Caryl Carrol / Cataline / Hurford Herford / Verville /  Spiegel Spegel / Rjicke / DeKemme / Ranger / DeQuire / Newton / Thurston  / Jencks / Ballard /  Cohns / Babbitt / Perkins  / Boucher  /  Corey  / Crane

19 January 2012

When my research leads me to unexpected places  I don't always believe where it is going do you?  When I have knowledge of the birth & death location of some of the other family members to me it should be a sure sign of where the rest of the family should be located.  Can you always take it as fact?  I can say no.

 My reason for saying No is because my ancestors were on the move.  The fantasy thing of having land and putting down roots was a temporary generational idea.  I have very few ancestors that stayed in any one location for more then 2 generations.  My parents to begin with were both born in other parts of the state. I moved back east.  I have a couple of other siblings that too moved from where we were born. Both sets of my Grandparents as well were born in different locations. How about for you?  What as been your experience of rounding up your folks?  Please do tell.

18 January 2012

How many of Us Family Historians Have been Fooled by less then Appropriate Back up Records?

Here it is 2012  still getting fooled by those who claimed to do the foot work. When in reality they found the info in a non back up scourced place.  We Love Sources, We Love Back Up Documents, We Love Family Bibles, We Love Journals, We Love Family Oral Tradition, We Love Pictures, We Love everything that can prove that a person WAS  who you say they are in the Right Place in the Right Time.

Hence David Putman.  I have his marriage to Dorothy Hainer listed in Niagara Ontario Book.  I have several Distant relatives that have done great amounts of work to reveal who his parents are.  Since I have been a user of Ancestry.com since 2007 I have been able to learn alot about my ancestors.  With several exceptions one being David Putman.  While on his Marriage recording list him as from Louth, Ontario.  No other info provided.  But on his son Johns census & other records list his father born in New York.

David Putman Dorothy Hainer Canada 1800's

Going along the line of David Putman being the son of Henry Putman & Hannah Anguish it was looking so promising.  Then when I wanted to announce that with undocumented authority of this is his most likely parents.  There again is a hard working cousin doing there part to bring me back to reality.  NO I need a record of to show he is him.   Well speaking of my cousin  what should he have the great luck of uncovering but Henry Putmans Will  oh yes a Will that bears no record of a David Putman born to Henry & Hannah.

You hear the Phrase "Back to the drawing Board"  O yea!  well  an update at some point in time can be forth coming.  Best of Luck In Your research.  Keep Hunting for Those Records!!!

13 January 2012

Fort Niagara New York Loyalist Serving, Moving outside area of Fort Erie

Diorama of Fort Niagara  created by Museum Artisan

Was Your Ancestor Here?

Fort Niagara,  New York  was your Loyalist stationed here? Mine was at Fort Niagara then moved with the rest of the Loyalist down over to the area of Fort Erie.

Fort Niagara was the Fort used by the United Empire Loyalist during the American Revolution War.  Butler's Rangers & members of Jonhson Militia.

Books like Early Ontario People by Crowder have list for the Loyalist that received had Land Grants for serving as United Empire Loyalist.  This book covers Provision list from a period of 3 years. Records for these men and their families are scarce.   By using this book and those of the same kind[ which seem to be to numerous for the three short years] your likely to at least find out if your Loyalist ancestor received a land grant.  Muster rolls for the Loyalist are scarce as well.

Then it appears if your Ancestor was from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut or else where that you can end up hard pressed for any other pieces of information.

These lists for the years of 1783 try 1786 are made up from the Provisions that were supplied to the Loyalist and their families.  Each of the  three years that they received provisions.  The provisions amount was reduced by amounts for the three years.  The reason they were given the provisions was to help out these families maintain them selves in the wilderness while they made a go of farming.  Since eastern lower Ontario was strictly wilderness.

The land of this area was seeming  to be unoccupied land therefore it was an easy give away for the British.  That was what I was led to believe.  But me the stickler for the real truth made me look further before accepting any of the romantic notions.

I found a website Niagara Falls Settlement History www.niagarafallsinf.com.  It explains it diffrently. With my simple synopsis read on:

Native Americans who had Settlements in Niagara Region
The earliest native people called themselves the "Onguiaahra".

Among the early settlers were an Iroquois group of Native Americans called "Atiquandaronk" (pronounced Attouanderonks). Their name was given to them by their enemies, the Huron & Iroquois.
French explorers coming to Niagara called this Native American group "Neutrals" since they had a long standing  position and status as peace keepers. They were what separated the Iroquois & Huron.  Huron & Iroquis were warring with each other.
The “ Neutrals” led ten tribes of the Iroquois Nation. Which included but there may have been more : Seneca, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Huron, Petun, Erie and the Susquehannock.

A woman leader know as "Queen of Peace" whos name was "Jikonsaseh".  Her village was called “Keinuka” it was east of the Niagara River.  She was known as the  preserver of peace.  She had a hard time of it to keeping peace between the Hurons to the west of them, & the Iroquois to the east of them.

Before the push of French expansion of 1626 was felt by the native peoples of this region the population of the Neutrals was between 20,000 - 40,000.  Neutrals had a very structured hierarchy.  It held both the political and economic areas of their life together. The Neutrals had many skills which included but not limited to farming, trading as well as business minded. As well as being able to hone their peace keeping. They still had a warrior system which provided their defensive.

The Seneca, one of the groups from the Iroquois, lived on the eastern bank of the Niagara River near Lake Ontario.  They were much feared by less threatening native groups.

From 1639 tru 1655 Niagara region was ripe with war.  Huron against their enemies.  The Iroquois against their enemy.  Which a few other Native nations were involved which included. The Erie & the Wenroe.  Erie Native Americans were massacred wiped out by these wars.  The Neutrals moved further east ward.  The Iroquois were able to breath better now their enemies were no more of a threat to them.
So the Iroquois expanded now possessing the land of their enemies.  There is no knowledge if the British Government provided compensation to the Iroquois for the lands they now possessed.  
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