26 June 2012

PBS Maybe Leonardo DaVinci vellum chalk portrait

As I watched with fascination as the scholars of art discussed the origins of this portrait.  It appears it was a portrait of a princess.   That it was taken out of a book.

A family history/genealogy book that was a wedding gift to the young princess.  However she had a short life, the book was passed on to another relative.  Who took it to Poland.

Amazing how the family genealogy made it from Italy to Poland.  I would of love to find out more about books like that one.  Amazing treasure,  why would they cut it down and rebind it?  The portrait I know if its really DaVincis is such a Art treasure.  To the genealogist though the contents with the family history is a treasure of untold worth.

Tell your Families Story

Have you heard family lore from your Parents, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts or Cousins ?  

I did.  Sometimes it was my desire to know more about what I had heard which led me to research. I really wanted to find out if the information was correct or not.  

Everyone has a family history story to tell whats yours?  Also in your search have you found names of others involved that you did not hear about?  What uniqueness does your family have?  Can you find proof?  Were you able to share your findings with the one who told the story?  Are you happy with what you found?  

Get ready share the proved story.  Write it up. Sent a letter to others who know about it via what ever way you choose.  You can blog about it.  Tweet it. Send it to the local newspaper of where it occurred [one easy way to have your family history reach all those possible cousins etc.] they should be happy to add it in their paper.

To me its not a story if its not shared. Hey it might even help break a brick wall down. Share your Story! 

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