30 July 2012

Black Rock Map NY

Black Rock New York along Lake Erie across from Canada prior to 1812.

The Black Rock was destroyed in the early 1820's to make for building.

Genealoy Family History Presentation

Yesterday I did a Genealogy/Family History presentation. 

 Where I discussed only a few aspects of the research.  It was more about inspiring these folks.  It was not an audience of seasoned genealogist.  Although a few are.

I did tell them that Family History is moving at an extreame fast rate.   You have so many resources available.  Less  then 25% of our research now you  don’t have to step out side your door if you have internet access.

I Listed out some free sources

Free genealogy sources:
Familysearch.org a wealth of information so many avenues to check out. 
Find A Grave.org
A Grave Matter.com
GenForum.org message board
Genweb *****[the state your looking for]
Seeking Michigan

Type in a ancestors name into Google push the enter button,  something just might pop up. Maybe a book a message borad post etc…

Of course I plugged making a family history blog.
With the mention of Find A Grave there were several folks that told me they would give it a try.

When I was dropping off my son for BSA camp to a friends house the dad showed me on his I phone. That Find A Grave had a photo of his Great Grandad & his grave marker.  

 Yep Find A Grave has a lot of information there.  One of my favorite places to look for an ancestor.

27 July 2012

Anna Minerva Caryl Putman, Betsy Babbitt Caryl & granddaughters

Sylvester brothers

Threasa Spegiel Sylvester & baby Catherine

“Normans to Romans”  

Michael Wood’s Story of England Online at PBS video PBS.ORG

Wow what a fantastic program don’t look at PBS for a month and wow so many great genealogy things appear.  Great treat.

Kibworth is a Village in central England with a historical dig.  Volunteers go on their own property.  Plot out one small area and dig downward.  Victorian era items are found first. Then as they dig deeper well you will have to watch for your self to see how far back they go.

DNA is also done for those now living to find out where their Ancestors are really from.  Family trees are shown.  Its all about the local people that are in Kibworth England now and those who lived there Long Long Ago.

 It’s history from the local people point of view.  Oh what fun.  Who’s names are Norman & Whos are English.  Along with that Frenchmen. 

The opportunity to  know more of your Town History & Family History when cameras come to Kibworth how lucky.

Oh yea do you ever get to find out about the Mound?
Watch and enjoy.
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