18 March 2016

Suring up your Tree

Ways to Make sure your Tree stands up to Vetting.

Go over each Individual Ancestor make certain of the sources for them. (Review the source post).

No source, then find the info again.  See how you found it.  Make sure it not a "I found it on the internet source".  Get to the source of the information.  It may take work, work it, work it.

Go over every source.

Is it really a source?  Or just a story?  Get the real source, do interviews if you have to find the answer.  Find it out, get the documents that matter.

Who will Vett your Tree any relative that has also done work, or a realative that knows the true story and the true source for it.

It may be that relative you don't want involved in your tree/genealogy.  They just might have the best information to help you.  Tap into them. 

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