07 May 2013

Henry Sylvestre brief history Part 1

My Granddad, Henry Sylvestre
Henry Sylvester, Detroit, French Families of Detroit
 was born in 1905 in the Copper County of Michigan. 
Copper county, Upper Peninsula, Michigan, Ancestors born there
Which is in the Keenewa Pennisula.  With Lake Superior all around it.  I am cold just thinking about that landscape in winter.
  The Place of birth is given as Atlantic Mines.
Copper Mining in Michigan, Copper Mining, Dangerous jobs, Ancestors, Family history, Family Lore, Pasties - lunch

 It is in Adams Township.  Calumet, MI is about 16 miles to the north. I just found out a book discussing the Copper mining in Michigan and how so many were drawn to the region for employment. 
 "Copper Range Chronicle: A Family and an Era" its by Anita Andreini Ahearn - 2003 
I see it can be purchased through Barnes & Nobles.

Now back to Henry, he was of French Canadien decent. 

 Both his mom and dad were born in Quebec. 

 Both great Grandparents moved on over to Copper Country for their chance at a different life. 

As always these emigrating families are on the move after a generation or 2. 

 Then for what ever reason possible higher wages my granddad moved down to the Lower Peninsula to work for GM.   

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Wow really great way to put some modern sense to it.

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