16 April 2012

Putman Family Line

Putman genealogy of David Putman & wife Dorothy Hainer

Many Putman descendants have been working to find a conclusive answer for David’s origins.  Many have thought they have found the correct parents, then their way of seeing it is dashed when a piece of evidence let them know they have to begin again.  UGGGHHHH  I know we all feel the Pain.

I am here to of course keep inspiring all of us to keep looking for that answer.

I do not have an answer yet.  Well if you are a male directly  descended from our said David Putman.  Which means you your dad and his dad & his dad & his dad& his dad gets you directly linked to David. [ All men with direct links & last names of Putman.]  Would you be willing to take the Y-DNA test.  That would help all of us out.  
So if your fathers line is from David & Dorothys sons lines and you carry the Putman name from your father.  Well you can do a cheek swab.
*Please see contact below.
Children of [ I believe they are in birth order]
Albert 1812=1890
  • Mary Vaughn
Spouse & Children
John Putman 1812-1890
            William Putman 1853 – 1894

Francis Putman 1814-?
  • m. Mary Jane Morrow

Henry Putman 1816-1852

Francis Putman 1818-1895
m. Mary Harriet Cosby

James Putman

Mary Putman 1822-1908
  • m. Edmund Vaughan 1820 – 1892  
Samuel Vaughan 1846 – 
Lena Vaughan 1848 – 
Margaret Vaughan 1850 – 
Hannah Putman  1828-?

James Albert Vaughan 1851 – 1892
Wilfred Vaughan 1852 – 
Cynthia Vaughan 1854 – 
Isabella Vaughan 1857 – 
David Edmund Vaughn 1860 – 
George Henry Vaughan 1862 – 
Emily Vaughan 1865 – 

William Putman 1829-?
m. Elizabeth b1832

Elizabeth Putman b 1831 William Putman 1829-?
m. Elizabeth
·       Elizabeth Putman

Contact me  through email  bstazz5@yahoo.com.  I will then get back to you.


Anonymous said...

I am a descendent of putmans and carry the putman name on from my father born 1963 who dads name is owen putman and also the older woman in my familys name or dorthy and mary putman which I found quite common looking through the list contact me if u want Miss-amandaleigh@hotmail.com

Mark R. Putnam said...

Hi, Getting a Y-DNA result from a descendant of David Putman would really be a great thing. My guess is that David Putman was Dutch, but we really don't know. Since the Putman families of North America all have DNA results available, we would likely only need one male Putman descendant of David Putman to take a Y-DNA test to determine to which family all the descendants of David belong. Even a 12 marker test that often costs about $99 would be sufficient.

Mark R. Putnam said...

Hi, I just wanted to let everyone know a 12 Marker Male Y-DNA test now only $49.

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