05 June 2012

10 Ways to do your Family History

1.  Look through all the family know books for Family History  Bibles, High School Year books, Business directories.  Family Scrapbooks etc... On the close family level.

2.  Ask Ask Ask questions of your parents and if possible grandparents, Uncles Aunts and other family members who might know details about the family.

3.  Gather paper work:  Documents, Certificates, Land Deeds,  Diplomas, letters.

4. Use Google to search for Family names.  I like this method I find all kinds of things out.  You just might find that there is a book published on your family.  Then you will have a wealth of family history easily available to you.

5. Start a Family Tree keep track of your progress.  You have many choices of how to do this:

a]  Write it all down on pedigree sheets/ family group sheets
b]  Purchase software for your computer  A word of advice print out all you have in case of a computer catastrophe!  I have had to many, I know first hand what saved me further frustration.
c] Join Ancestry.com  [ I have invested in my Family Tree every penny has been worth it.]

6. Contact cousins ask family questions.  A excellent source of information from another point of view.

7. Go to the local libraries where your family lived.

8. Go through your tree to see where your missing information, seek to capture what you are missing.

9.  You have so many resources at your disposal use them.  Message boards, email, snail mail.  They all work, most its years in the making  They work.

10.  Have Fun Most Of All!!!   Learn of your family and enjoy.


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