04 June 2012


Ancestors and Graduation

  How many of my ancestors Graduated?  Not to sure since that is not a common document.  I would say that just might be one of the Best documents to have for an ancestor.  Rarity in my mind would make it great.

  Starting with my grandparents, I think maybe 2 of them were High School graduates.  Wow this is a question I should know about all of them.  Then my GreatGP's  I still don't know. 

   One might start to wonder of how often Graduation of High School was accomplished.  There would be a great many factors to be considered.

One is did your ancestor live where there where schools?

Did they have to quit school to support the family?

Did a Grandma or Great fall in love & get married?

   There I am certain many other factors can also go in to Life vs, High School Graduation.  Must never judge an ancestor We did not walk in their shoes.

  Hats Off to all Graduates it is an accomplishment for Certain!!!

   If you find a Diploma for an Ancestor Luck you!  Good luck in the new question to ask about your ancestor Did they Graduate 

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