09 February 2015

Ann Arbor Boy Moves to Buffalo NY with family and does good in his Future!

Edgar Boardman Jewett

He was born in 14 Dec 1843 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  His parents moved on over to Buffalo, New York in 1849 will Edgar intow.

His father John Cotton Jewett, Opened a manufacturing company in which refrigerators were manufactured.  As well as these other  durable goods, ice chests, water coolers, toiletwares, spittons, bathing apparatus,porcelined-lined coolers. Then in the science department they produced hospital & laboratoty equipment. 

When the Civil War broke out in 1861 Edgar B. enlisted as a private in Co. C, 74th Regiment N.G.S.N.Y.  While in May 1863 he was then elected Sergeant.  When he returned to Buffalo in 29 June 1865 he was then a First Sergeant.  He was commissioned as a First Lieutenant on 3 April 1866.  Along the way he was commissioned in various other Military Rank until he acheived Brigadier General of the 8th Brigade.  He served until 7 Dec 1855.  At which time he retired from military service and became the President & General Manager of his fathers company, John C. Jewett Manufacturing Company.


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Edgar Boardman Jewett
Public Office   

1 March 1894 Gen. Jewett was appointed by Mayor Charles F. Bishop to the Board of Police Commissioners with a term of 5 years.  Edgar B. Jewett was elected as Mayor on 6 Nov. 1894.  During his term as Mayor the Masten Park High School was built.  There were also 11 other school built.

Jewett also supported a free library for Buffalo he did this by signing the document on 1 March 1897. 

The Buffalo History Museum building would not be there had it not been for E. Jewett signing a bill to provide a piece of park property.

Private Life
Edgar married Miss Elizabeth Poster Danforth, also of Ann Arbor, on 3 Oct 1865.
They had 4 children: Maude b. 1868 d. same year, George Danforth b. 1869 d. same year, John Edgar b. 1871 and Mabel b. 1877.

Some information is from: Memorial and Family History of Erie County, New York ...: Biographical and Genealogical ..., wikipedia, http://www.newyorkroots.org/index.php/new-york-counties/erie-county/218-memorial-and-family-history-of-erie-county-new-york-volume-i/284-jewett-gen-edgar-b-erie-county, and 

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