15 May 2012

Name Orgins from Julie Helen Otto NEHGS Newletter

"Name Origins
by Julie Helen Otto
, Staff Genealogist

ARAMANTHA/ARAMINTA (f): The exquisitely lovely heroine of Aramantha: A Pastorall (1649) by the Cavalier poet Richard Lovelace (1618–1657). The element –nth- in Greek personal or place names (e.g. Aramantha, Corinth, etc.) is an indication of pre-Greek origin. ARAMINTA was the slave name of the great abolitionist Harriet Tubman (1820–1913). In the rough-and-ready spelling of colonial and Federal America, the name is often seen as EMERANSY or variants, even occasionally as EMERGENCY.

Thomas and Jedidah (Cleveland) Mayhew named two daughters Araminta Mayhew, b. Edgartown 7 Jan. 1820 (d. 22 Dec. 1821) and 26 Feb. 1822 (Edgartown VRs, p. 47); the second Araminta m. Edgartown 31 Oct. 1844 Robert S. Coleman, a tin worker from Nantucket (Edgartown VRs, p. 147)."

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