21 March 2012

Unusual Names in Genealogy

Unusual names  I found these names while indexing for FamilySearch.org  So I enjoy these different kind of names.  I hope you might find some enjoyment too or it just might be your WW1 GrandPa or Uncle listed.

Hjalmar  b. 1890 in AUBURN MA  No known info for this name

Claes b. 1884 in Auburn, MA  according to Wikipedia: Claes, also spelled Klas, is a given name as well as a surname for males. Derived from the names Claus and Nicholas, it is closely related to the myth of Santa Claus. It's a common first name in the Nordic countries of Denmark, Sweden and Norway and a somewhat common last name in other Western countries.

Claus b. 1889 in Hedemora Sweden  See above refrence

Hairph Mayhew b. 1882 in MA No known info for this name

Lindsey b. 1895 in Farmingham, MA a male child not female Lindsey
From Wikipedia: 
            Lindsey was a unit of local government until 1974 in Lincolnshire, England, covering the northern part of the county. The Isle of Axholme, which is on the west side of the River Trent, has normally formed part of it. It originated with the Kingdom of Lindsey in Anglo-Saxon times, whose territories were merged with that of Stamford to form Lincolnshire.

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cindilouhu said...

I have a ggggr grandad that has the name Aurelie u ever hear of that one?

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