29 May 2012

Need a Professional Genealogist

Official summer season has begun with Memorial Day past.  Schools are soon to let out.  So by mid June its time to pack the overnighter and head on off to where every I need on the ground research.
My youngest sister was planning a trip on over to Ontario to investigate David Putman’s when her son finished his school year.  It now taken a back burner with our mom hospitalized and every one taking turns to be there for her & to help communicate with the Doctors for her care. So Life Happens!  Ancestors get to wait longer now.
So if you can’t go like my family situation but you still have that strong drive to further your research what to do you say?  Looks like a professional genealogist could help you out.  Why not look em up?
You say where do I find a Professional Genealogist?
1.   Local genealogy society chapter.  Google search it, get recommendations on who you are considering.
2.   Local phone book, again you will want recommendations for that person.
3.   Google search your with specific parameters for the kind of research you want done.
4.   Ask other family researchers who they know of who might be able to assist you.

What do you do in the summer time?   Genealogy!!!

1 comment:

Ginger Smith said...

I do half and half during the summer time. I get all of my chores and fun outdoorsey stuff done in the early hours of the day and then by noon I eat lunch and I settle in to do genealogy because it is way too HOT to do anything else around here :-) Thanks for the ideas and so sorry to hear about your mom.

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