28 February 2013

1st Cousin from DNA results

Ok  You have your DNA results back from Ancestry.com
You have looked through those who have potential connects to you.  No names are familiar to you.  A few weeks or maybe a few months when all of a sudden Viola you have a closer connections to you.  That unknown 1st or 2nd second cousin.

1st, family lore, family history, genealogy, DNA, Family

Is that a 1st – 2nd cousin there?  Oh boy what does this really mean for me and them?

2nd, family lore, family history, genealogy, DNA, Family

An unknown 1st cousin, totally unknown.  So if they are unknown to each other then are their parents are most likely unknown to each other too?
Wow what does this really mean? 

In discovering facts about my own family it comes down to a child born into a family that was not 100% their family.  When in the DNA results you see that there was a different father then the other children in the family have.  ( This is in my families case).

To me this complicates everything.  Since I tend to see the big picture and not the micro side.   My thoughts go way deep as to what problems in genealogy this creates.  I do not have the answer as to what it can or what does it mean for each person affected by this kind of “Blast from the Past” knowledge.
I can however tell you that if you ever do find out this kind of DNA proof  step lightly there is the potential for a lot of family stress to come with it.

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