21 February 2013

DNA Feedback

The more I come to know about autosonomal DNA the more I realize that there are many challenges to knowing who we are.  
That there can be a difference between the paper Ancestors & the DNA ancestors.

How confusing is that ?  Papers versus the chemical make-up. Is there a difference?

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 Yes in my mind there is. The Paper trail shows us who is in the family line.  While the chemical/DNA proves the paper trail.  The DNA can be full of so many surprises though.

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So when you do do your DNA you may have many surprises as to who you thought you were.

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Like finding out you do not get a complete set of DNA from both of your parents. 
 What you get is 50% from both. That 50% is different for each child from that union. For me I have 8 living siblings.  It could take 6 of us to be tested to find out the complete DNA we could of been born with.
 What 50% its all in the mix of egg & sperm.

Good Luck in finding out yours!!!  Oh what fun.

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