24 July 2016

Prosper Tessier Catherine de Koning Family Photo circa 1896 Bay City /Essexville, MI area.

Prospere & Catherine Tacey Family
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Prospere & Catherine Tacey Family

This photo would have been taken in about 1896. August, the baby in the photo, was born on June 6, 1895, and he appears to be at least 6 months to about one year old. August had quite an interesting life. He became a professional wrestler, had at least five wives, and died in Florida in 1987 at the age of 92

. The maiden name that I have for the mother Catherine is "deKoning" which is the original Dutch spelling. When she came ....., her name was spelled as "King".

 The name "Ducharme" was the maiden name of Prosper's mother Henriette (Ducharme) Tessier/Tacey.(Tom Piorkowski) (Tacey & Tessier FB group collection)

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