03 December 2012

Dutch Roots

I always knew that I had Dutch Ancestors.  But now they are coming out of the knooks & crannies.

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Do you feel that way about recent ancestral discoveries?  I do.

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So I already knew that I had at least one Dutch on my moms side.  Which is Idonia Rjicke.

Then finding out that my Great Granddad George Byron Putman also is most likely New York Dutch. 

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New twist happened last night when I had decided to post the photos from my Spegiel & Tessier lines.
Since I like accuracy so much I had decided to look up Prosper Tessier census records.

I found out way more then I had imagined.  To me all the possible research had been done on the Tessier line by my cousin. So I had not considered that I could not possibly find out more.   However I know differently now.

They I am reading tru the list of Prosper, Katherine, childrens names.  Then who are these Van Derhurk?
What father-in-law, mother-in-law Frank & Julia Van DerHurk. Dutch???
Now we know Catherine's mothers name & her step father.  

 So Cool I finally find out. 



Peter said...

The Van der Hurk surname is a well known name in Dutch archives. I also noticed a mention of Van Haestrecht which is also known. I have added both names to my blog http://patmcast.blogspot.nl/2012/05/dutch-ancestors.html.
Fyi Haestrecht is an old spelling of the city name Haastrecht in the province of South Holland. It is situated some 30 kms NE of Rotterdam.
Good luck with your further investigations!

Peter said...

Read yr tweet, my email is patmiebies AT gmail DOT com.

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