13 July 2012

New Story of a family

A family history story from a friend.

Family stories can be complicated. [The one that follows is a prime example of real life family history.]   As to who is related to who, by marriage or other means. Making real life far more interesting then fiction. I have a new one to tell you about.

As I was told, a woman had 4 children, she was unmarried.  This was prior to 1930’s. For an unknown reason all 4 were removed from her home.  She married and sought to regain custody of her 4 children.  2 had been officially adopted and was not told where to find them. So she was unable to reunite with them.  However she was able to reunite with two of her children.

She had one child with her husband.  This younger child married and had children.
Later in life one of the siblings that had been adopted sought out the younger sibling.

Of course as a genealogist 10 questions come to light right away.  The thoughts of how can I assist in this family being able to reunite?

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