25 July 2012

What a difference a day makes

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What  a difference  a  day makes

Have you heard that phrase before?

In family history you might hear it a lot.  Why you say?

 Ah well  one day you believe you really know who you are.

  Then wham the next day  you receive a phone call letting you know that a great great great grandmother of your was in fact a ______________ and belonged to ___________ as well her father fought for ________________instead of the________________.

  Now you may or may not be embarrassed by that discovery.

Just fill in the blanks  . any one of the spots contain an unknown for almost all  of  us.

Cause  without  full knowledge you are indeed limited in your scope.  I say broaden  your  horizons & find out who you really are.  If for no other reason then to be the one calling your cousins or siblings  letting them know their life has just changed.

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