10 July 2012

2 million paid members at Ancestry.com

Ancestry.com has 2 million subscribing members as of 2 July 2012.

I just wonder how many billion folks are covered in those family trees?

Have you gone on as a guest  and found who your looking for yet?  Did you find them or not?

Genealogy is moving at the speed of sound now.  How soon before it’s the speed of light.  What took me over 20 years to discover can now be found out in less then a day.
With Ancestry making all those records available to us we can continue to discover who we are.  Over and over again.

Have you had luck with furthering your generations back.  Are you past 5 generations ? 6 ? 9 ? 12?

Its all possible with wonderful computers & the internet.  Humans do not want to be stopped into our heritage discoveries.

Write to me tell me of a recent discovery.  I can add your story too.

1 comment:

imagespast said...

It's a shame that you can take an Ancestry subscription, only to find that they don't have any Scottish records. Just as well I live near Edinburgh, and can access them. Still useful for finding Scots who emigrated though :-)

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