30 July 2012

Genealoy Family History Presentation

Yesterday I did a Genealogy/Family History presentation. 

 Where I discussed only a few aspects of the research.  It was more about inspiring these folks.  It was not an audience of seasoned genealogist.  Although a few are.

I did tell them that Family History is moving at an extreame fast rate.   You have so many resources available.  Less  then 25% of our research now you  don’t have to step out side your door if you have internet access.

I Listed out some free sources

Free genealogy sources:
Familysearch.org a wealth of information so many avenues to check out. 
Find A Grave.org
A Grave Matter.com
GenForum.org message board
Genweb *****[the state your looking for]
Seeking Michigan

Type in a ancestors name into Google push the enter button,  something just might pop up. Maybe a book a message borad post etc…

Of course I plugged making a family history blog.
With the mention of Find A Grave there were several folks that told me they would give it a try.

When I was dropping off my son for BSA camp to a friends house the dad showed me on his I phone. That Find A Grave had a photo of his Great Grandad & his grave marker.  

 Yep Find A Grave has a lot of information there.  One of my favorite places to look for an ancestor.

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