01 August 2012

Black Rock New York I have been trying to find hard history on this area of New York form the late 1780’s to 1810.  I am most interested in the Maritime facts.  Shipping history such, as to what were they shipping from across Lake Erie. Furs Salt and what else.  Was there a trading business thriving on Lake Erie.   
What was the prominent resource everyone was looking for?  Did it play into the migration pattern for those seeking a fortune?  How many ports did Lake Erie have at this time.  How often did ships sink.  Were there light houses along the shore to warn these lake sailors?  Is there an area where ther are more ship wrecks then anywhere else on the Lake?
 What about the fact that Lake Erie flows over Niagara Falls and into Lake Huron.    Is there a pull in Lake Erie that the Lake farers have to steer against?   Was there a Mill that Canadiens came to use to grind their wheat?

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cindilouhu said...

Did u look in Wikipedia. Yet?

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