21 August 2012

Family Name Eure

Eure family name   

Where does this name originate?

I find a river in northern France that is named Eure.  Does this family name originate in France? 

I do not have the answers to these questions. 
 However I did find a web site with information on the Eure family in England going way, way , way way, way way & way back in time. 

 I went as far today as 1220 with a Sir hugh de Eure.

You know my ma-tra verify before you accept it.  It always a good start when you find a tree that has most of what you yourself have researched.  That you have come to your conclusion you write it down as accepted Fact.  You make note of your source. As always someone else must be able to also look at the same info and be able to make their own conclusion.  Enough preaching on sourcing your info..

the web address as mentioned above is:


As always please share your discoveries with the rest of us seeking out the same family.

Happy Ancestor Hunting

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