11 August 2012

Updated New Info for Dora Putman is she the daughter of John & Marilla Putman

Have you found something strange in your research of your family history?
Like when I found a marriage record showing a daughter that there is no other record for.

Its all in regards to Dora Donelson father name is here as John Putman mother is Marilla F Cook. 

 Her daughter Mrs Pearl Sterns & possibly her son Ormond Donelson stood up for them for the wedding.

Who is Dora Putman born in 1861 or 1862 in Michigan. Is she a late born daughter of John & Marilla Putman?  Who married John Donelson and moved to the west side of the state? As well married George Wallace

So many questions unanswered.

Part #2

My sissy found a marriage certificate for a marriage of a Dorathea Putman & John Donelson inUnionville, Tuscola County. 

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