12 September 2012

Explore Michigan see what enchatment it holds for you.

Mitten home

Manitou Islands for vacation* 

Iron Furnace in Forestville, from long ago*

Sugar Beet factory in Essexville*


Birch Lodge in Trout Lake*


Lake shore Petosky*  Where you can find plenty of petosky stones

Train Depot in Grayling* area. Big lumbering mecca in its day

Old Mission Peninsula Lighthouse  Traverse City*

Huckelberry Railroad* Time for a ride

Sleeping Bear Dunes

Pointe Mouillee* State Game Area  Lake Erie area

Furnace in Iron Mountain*

Fayette Blast Furnace

In its day the town was know as Red Jacket, now know as Calumet

Bad Axe* skelaton barn still standing

Your in Hell*

 Where its Christmas* all yearlong

Beaver Island* lighthouse

Taj Mahal in Zeba* now a wonder of the world

Bridal Veil Falls*  



*all photos from either a web site or blog.  Check em out !!!

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