16 October 2012

Duncan Grant

Duncan Grant 1413-1495
Document came from: ttpman on Ancestry.com

DUNCAN GRANT, Knight, the first Grant to be called "of Freuchie", was born in or before 1413. 
He was knighted between 1460 and 1464. 
On 31 January 1434-35, as Duncan le Grant, he received a precept of sasine from 
King James I for infefting him as lawful heir of his deceased mother Matilda of Glencarnie in the fifth part of the barony of Rothes Wiseman and Burmuckty (Barmuckity), the two Fochabers, a half of Surestown (Sheriffston), and an annual rent of two merks from the town of Thornhill, all in the sheriffdom of Elgin.
 He was styled "Duncan le Graunte of Fruychy" in a precept of 31 August 1453.
 As Sir Duncan he was retoured, first on 25 February 1464-65, and finally on 7 February 1468-69, as heir in the lands of Congash of his grandfather Gilbert of Glencairnie, who is said to have died about thirty years before. 
Sir Duncan died 1495, as appears from a short Latin chronicle relating to the Highlands, by James M'Gregor, Dean of Lismore, who died in 1542.
 It is said that he married Muriel Mackintosh, daughter of Malcolm, 10th Chief of the Mackintoshes, but the evidence points to her having married John Grant, Sir Duncan's son.
 Sir Duncan Grant had issue one son and two daughters:-
a1. Catherine, married, as his 3rd wife, to Lachlan Mackintosh, called "Badenoch", and was the ancestress of the Chiefs of Mackintosh. She is said also to have married Alexander Baillie of Dunain and Sheuglie.
a2. Muriel, married to Patrick Leslie of Balquhain, and had issue. She died ca. 1472.

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