20 October 2012

Message Board Uses & A disorganized box of Genealogy

There I was trying to navigate my way thu a disorganized box of genealogy research. All kinds of documents, hand scribbles notes  so much unledagable, photos, charts, & a large notebook.   Oh where to begin ???

So I set about to do a quick organize.  For me thats pulling the charts.  Looking for the most current date & the oldest date.  Voile!  Names now to go to the message boards see if I can find help for this family.  No Family name board in Ancestry.  Now to try Genforum.  Theres one here Yea!.  Not much but its a start.

Genealogy chart for FamilyHistory

So now to inquiry about this family.  It could be a responce right away or in months to a year or 2 so now its paitence.  But not to worry.  I have other places to help me organize this wonderful box of genealogy.
Now I have the charts in order only took 2 hours.  I had to weed out the duplicates.  Next I organized the photos alpa.  Lucky each photo had a label with names on the back  This is hardly normal.  That was pretty quick work.

Documents, scan them in have a file for each respective family save of course onto a thumbdrive.

The binder had scarce resource and private collection notes.  They are readable & some were type written.  These places I never heard of before.    I used the plastic sheet cover to slide the charts [family group sheets]  in numerical birth order.   These notes & references what to do with them ?

O.K.  used a card file with alpha tabs to place the notes in.  I just went by the first letter I could make out and filed them.  These we be gone over soon with a fine tooth comb & a magnifying glass  better to see the letters my dear.

References  I will scan those into my computer then cut & paste in correct placement.  All in all organizing someone else s family history can be quicker work then doing your own.  But organize it you must.   My personel way I have each seprate family name in with pocket folders.  I have family group sheets in a large 3-4 inch binder.  Actually I started a second one they do get heavy.  All of my hand written notes Is typed up in a word document that I e mail to myself,  plus I print them up and place in its family folder.
A quick way to organize.


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