15 October 2012

New England Heritage

Where does your New England Heritage take you?

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Since I grew up never knowing of my New England Heritage I did not know I had a connection to the place until 2008.  

 That was an explosive year since I had received massive information through Ancestry.com.

I have been on definite ancestor drive since then.  Every new piece of information I gather is a new part of my self I did not know I had before.

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I love to learn their major & minor stories of their lives.
 The deeper I dig into my ancestors lives and find out how resilient they were to many challenges they faced. 

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 I then relize that our lives of those of us living we face challenges every day as well.  

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write your personal story, journals, family lore, genealogy
 So leave a journal or something your descendants can find out about you personally.

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