30 October 2012

Van Valkenburg/Vollick UELAC

Issac Vollick  

Loyalist Directory: Isaac Vollick
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Surname : Vollick
Given name : Isaac
Rank : Private
Where Resettled : Louth Township, Lincoln County, Ontario
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Source : UEL List
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :
Regiment : Butler's Rangers
Enlistment Date :
Date & Place of Birth : In 1732 at Schoharia, New York Province
Settled before war :
Date & Place of Death : post 1802 Ontario
Place of Burial :
Wife Name : Married Anna Maria Warner at Schoharie NY on 28 October 1757.
Children : Vollick, Storm m. Spierback, Esther
Vollick John, m. Decou, Sarah
Vollick, Cornelius m. Larraway, Eve
Vollick, Sarah m. Crumb, Benoni
Vollic, Catherine m. Hainer, ?
Biography :
Proven Descendants : St. Catharines 1990.10.17
Col. John Butler 2003.03.10
Col. John Butler 2004.04.20
Col. John Butler 2006.10.10
Col. John Butler 2011-03-07
Col. John Butler 2011-07-11
Military Info :
Loyalist Genealogy : See the certificate application from Dian J. McIntee to her loyalist ancestor Isaac Vollick
Family History :
Family Genealogy :
Other Info : Information provided by Rick Smith and Dian J. McIntee

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