09 December 2011

ReSearch Tips

So just when you think you can't find anything else out about what seems like the most Elusive Ancestor.
My suggestion  Read Re-read re-read one at a time the documents, forum post, messages from others interested in the same ancestor.  It all about gleaning that one clue stuck in that place which you may have missed more then once.  Cause if your anything like me.  It only pops out as important after you found that other piece of info first.  Then the Light goes off "thats It". 

  Then there are libraries that actually have Diaries or Journals that might have one snippet of info about that Ancestor.  I still have not found such a Help for myself.  But I just feel it that someone in the Little Village of Garden, Michigan had wriiten a little somthing about when Martha showed up.  My search ( & my sis GeGe) to find out the Parentage of our 2nd great Grandmother Martha Gray has been very elusive.  I gained the help of a Historical Society member who did everything possible to help me.  The one thing I did find out was that a notation in a Typed out genealogy on the Gray Family was penciled the word ADOPTED above her name.

Since this Village is small & a good distance from the County Seat understandable that there are No Adoption Records.  her husband Daniel Kelly did leave a Will,  I was able to obtain a copy.  But no family other then know decendants are listed in the will.  It was a good exercise to seek out the Will through Probate.   The one place I have found differing information is on her 2 childrens death certificate.  On My 1st Grandmothers her Mothers last name is Gray -the adopted family.  But now on her sons Death cert.  Her last name is Strong.

Garden Michigan, Gray, Kelly, Trueblood

 Most intriguing is that death cert are only as good as the person suppling the info. It on their knowledge that its filled out.  Kinda like the census could be correct but then maybe not so correct.

So my search continues for Martha & parents.  If I could just accept her Adopted family that would be so easy.  Since they are the Gray & Truebloods.

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