14 December 2011

DuSyl Family Lore & History

How I came up with my title may be of great interest to some.  I came up with it by combining the Family names of  Du Cap & Sylvestre .  To make it simple I just took the beginning of both names and fit the best way they went together.  Syldu  did not work yucky infact.  So switch around to "DuSyl"  can even say it easily.  So now the rest of it. Giving a differnt twist. Instead of just saying genealogy the study of my Ancestors I want it diffrent.   Since Family History is living breathing and there just might be a piece of info I don't always have so to me "Family Lore" fits right in there.  Ever day my family is making "History" or "Herstory".

Voile  "DuSyl Family Lore & History" is on the BLOG.   Chuckle chuckle

I would love to hear how you came up with your unique way of naming your Blog. 

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Anonymous said...

I see several post regarding family. By the way I like your blog. Am i the winner?

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