31 December 2011

Movement in the 1700-1800's 4 the DuSyl Ancestors

 Check out how many times some ancestors moved mostly East to the West. 

Example my Caryl family line.  Of course the first came over from England.  Landed in Massachusetts. Moved around a bit.
Then much more with the Minister Benjamin Caryl.  Then a few  sons &cousins moved up to Vermont.  From Vermont his decendants went to New York and Ohio [Lydia married Mr. Mastick] Some even went back to Lynn Massachusetts.

 My line came out of Vermont then into New York for  generation then over into Michigan in the mid 1800's.

Would you like to see the migration patterns for your Ancestros  Using Family Tree Maker when connected to the internet you are able to map out one individual life on the maps. 

What a great tool to learn even more about your family.

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