08 December 2011

New way of Thinking of the Ancestors Get to those Family Reunions

One fun thing about doing Genealogy is finding Cousins you did not know existed. 

 It is such a pleasure to find cousins.  They can be so helpful.  

Cause what you learned from your parents or grandparents about your family can be confirmed or added on to from those cousins.

DNA, DNA Family, Family History, Family Lore

  For example the Putman line in my family as far as my Dad & Aunt knew no county of origin was even ever discussed.

    So tada enter in a new cousin now he knew from his dad that the Putman's are Dutch.  Well thats a great way to help me out.  So no more searching through the Putnam English lines.

   Cause I know I have been looking in the Ontario Dutch lines to figure where My David Putman fits in.


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