13 December 2011

Tuesday Morn

Here it is Tuesday.  Yea!  Time for more Family History Lore
Do you ever find your self asking why did the Ancestors move around so Much?  This applies to pretty much any one whose parents /grandparents that were born somewhere other then the town/city/village that you presently reside in.

Did you know that with many Wars prior to 1855 that the Service men/Vetrans were given land as payment for their service.

So if your Ancestors fought in the Revolution War they were given a Bounty Land Warrant.  This BLWarrant was transferable to Widows.  They had some work to do however before they received this Bounty.  They had to apply for it.  Then if it was given next they had to apply for a Land Patent.  Red Tape was thick even back then.  Once the land Patent was given it proved [European thought of] ownership of the land.

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