10 December 2011

My Story of how I connected with a Living cousin, With some research methodology applied

A Lost Cousin Found
       I have a 2nd cousin who died in early 1970s I knew he had 2 daughters. So I decided to search for them. At the beginning with just putting in their last name and last know place of living into Google.  I found bits and pieces. Then I found a Cemetery where one had already died.  But I kept looking to find if the other daughter was still around.  So in using Google I just kept in putting in his name this way and that way.
      Then I hit pay dirt.  Since my cousin was in the Navy and had served on a ship/Sub. His daughter had listed him in a web site for the sub he served on.  So I sent her an email.  It was a few weeks later then I did hear from her.  We emailed and spoke on the phone.  Found out that her sister had died in a fire.  That was sad to learn.  You never know what your cousins have been through.  I know it did her good to hear from me.  She has is very artistic I have been able to enjoy some of her work.   Since her dad was stationed in Massachusetts for a time when she was growing up were we able to share some fun memories of Mass and they way then language is spoken here. Great fun
  My motto don't give up cause you just might find your needle in the next haystack.
A Success Of 2011

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