12 December 2012

Connection of Van Valkenburg Line

The DNA results for a Tree that matches on the 
Van Valkenburg family line.

Shared Ancestor Hint

5th great-grandfather

5th great-grandmother

Catharina Van Valkenburg Vollick4th great-grandmother

Dorothy Hainer3rd great-grandmother

*John Putman2nd great-grandfather

William PutmanGreat-grandfather

George Byron PutmanGrandfather

Etta M PutmanMother


Cornelius Vollick4th great-grand uncle

Mathias Vollick1st cousin (5x removed)
Catherine Vollick2nd cousin (4x removed)
Franklin M. Fenwick3rd cousin (3x removed)

Catherine Ann Fenwick4th cousin (2x removed)

xxxxxxxxxxx5th cousin (1x removed)

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