12 December 2012

How Can DNA Improve Your Chances of Finding Your Cousins Who Just Might Help You Break Down a Brick Wall! # 2

Part #2

As in referring to the DNA test offered by Ancestry.com  I do not have solid proof as to who David Putman is or was.

I do know however that with the DNA results that I am one step closer to breaking down his brick wall.

Putman, Hainer, VAnValkenburg, Vollick Meyers, Cooke, Cook, Family

In the cousin connections I see that I do have cousins that have done the DNA test.  They are out of the German/Dutch area of Central NewYork.

 Which is where the Van Valkenburgs & Hainers came from. Remember a few post ago I posted about the Hainers & Van Valkenburgs.  *Please see those post for explanations.

Now with knowing that In the cousin connection I have these families as cousins which support my Hypothesis that My David Putman was married to Dorothy Hainer.  If nothing else it just shows I am on the right path.    

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