19 December 2012

Name Origins Christmas

Name Origins

by Julie Helen Otto, Staff Genealogist NEHGS

Christmas (m and f): Over time, the U.S. census has enumerated a number of people with the first name Christmas, both male and female. Most likely, the majority were born on or near Christmas Day. In 1790, there was one person listed in the census named Christmas: 

Christmas Hunt of Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts. 
In 1850, there were 37 people named Christmas; in 1880, 125 people; in 1910, 308 people; and, in 1940, there were 95 people named Christmas.
Ancestors, Putman, Hainer, Tessier, Tacey, DuCap, Gray, Trueblood, DeSpegiel, Sylvester, VanDerhurk, Van ValkenburgA search of the databases on AmericanAncestors.org also shows a number of examples, including

Christmas Dumore, son of Godfrey and Philomon (___) Dumore, who was born in Grafton, Massachusetts, on December 25, 1869, and

 Christmas L. Morse, daughter of Frank and Josephine (Gaudard) Morse, born in Adams, Massachusetts, on December 25, 1887.

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