22 December 2012

Genealogist Wish List

Ah what could be on a genealogist Christmas wish list?  

1 1.    Brick Wall Breaker – secret codex for brick walls 

   2.    DNA that proves a Ancestors Line with out a doubt  

   3.    After hour- Library hours  {Local Town Library} for genealogy research.  Like 9 p.m. till 2 a.m.   

   4.   All ancient text { any text before 1900}  straightens out  to Arial Font with special Genealogist Glasses

genealogist glasses, dna sample, genealogy, family history, Family knowledge

   5.    Passport/VISA s  to all research port of call;

   6.    New York State records from 1799 – 1850 Including  Adoption  Records

   7.   Access to all hidden Historical records  
Hidden records, family records, family history, access to all family records


 8.  The Truth regarding THE KINGS DAUGHTERS

   9.   Oral History verification
Oral tradition, Family oral history, Family lore oral, family ancestots

  10.              Church records open to all descendants no matter where the descendants are from.
Church Records, Family Histories, family religion, Families, Church help

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