29 August 2012

A - Z E

Letter E

E is for the Events in our Lives

Events our ancestors attended may not have been written by them by by an observer.

Every time our Ancestor had a life event it is a mildstone in their life.

Related to WHO???

Don’t Cry

You just might be related twice like I am to Joan D’Arc.

How could I possible know this?
Ancesrty.com  has a super duper cool feature.  Hint read my post titled: I found another Prime Fun thing on Ancestry.com

So in discovering this link SO Much Thank You to my sister partner in Crime GeGe.  Of couse she found it not me.  I am so Happy Happy she did.
Back to Joan d’Arc I have Canadien French on both sides of my family tree.

Both of these connections are only 4 star but till I prove its incorrect I will enjoy the fun of it.

Tru my Mom’s line Joan d’Arc is my Great Grand Aunt Sharing the 27th Grandparents Isabella Romee De Voutron with her.

Tru my Dads line Joan d’Arc is my 29th give or take one  Great Grand Aunt Sharing the 30th  great Grandparents Isabella Romee De Voutron with her.
Interestingly looking tru these lines as posted on Ancestry.com My parents are cousins from far back as Joan to the mid 1600’s - 1700’s.

In my research from long ago I had felt I had a strong possibility of being related to Joan d’Arc since she is from Angers.  My ancestor from one French line on my moms side was also from Angers.  So today my hypotheses has now become theory.  So Cool

Happy Ancestor Hunting

I found another Prime Fun thing on Ancestry.com

Return to Louis Spegel

Famous People related to 

Louis Spegel    

Richard Bedford Bennett (1870-1947)
Former Prime Minister
Richard Bedford Bennett was the first Canadian Prime Minister to be a member of the House of Lords.

Relationship: 7th Cousin 5 times removed

RID=3983680; UP=25; DN=0 Jacques Cartier (1491-1557)
French Explorer
On his first voyage to try and find a western trade route to Asia, Jacques Cartier instead stumbled upon what is present day Quebec. He is the first known European to explore Canada. In total, Cartier made 3 voyages to explore and settle Canada.

Relationship: Distant (23) Great Grandfather

RID=42180807; UP=16; DN=4 Anna Tuthill Symmes Harrison (1775-1864)
First Lady
Though her husband only served as president for 1 month, Anna Tuthill Symmes Harrison was nominally the First Lady of the United States. The couple never entered the White House.

Relationship: 3rd Cousin 12 times removed

RID=98542713; UP=26; DN=3 Niccolò Machiavelli (1469-1527)
Florentine Philosopher, Writer and Musician
Influential in many aspects, Machiavelli was a key part of the early Protestant Reformation, the realist political theory, and the study of politics and government. He wrote Il Principe (The Prince).

Do you know can find out which famous person your related to on Ancestry dot com?

It's just so much fun. Open your account then : On your profile page

You see your name
Birth date
Edit this person block  now look along the bottom of this block and you will see the following

Where then you see the Magnifying glass search records next to it ] [View family tree] [View family members] [view realtioships to me] [Print] [More Options*] click on this bad boy you see the drop down menu 
Voila there its listed:  Add A Note
                                  Create A Military Page
                     Find Famous Realitives                                   
Bingo  Click it on!!!

Wow who are you related to???  I wanna c too!!!

Enjoy!  Let me know who is in your tree.


28 August 2012



Documenting lifes events

The copies of documents that litter a genealogist/family historian desk, closet, cupboard, bookshelf, file cabinet, in the other room etc...

By way of religious, government, books, chronicles, diaries, Journal or other types of recorded factual information on families.

I know this does not include those of Oral Tradition. Because their cultures do not have the same silly issues as the recording cultures do.  I know that oral tradition is just as factual as the written documentation cultures.

Of course DuCap

27 August 2012

A - Z C

Letter C in Family History
C is for

Family Fun, Family, History
Celebrate the birth of children in the family.
Celebrate the religious ceremonies for family members.
Celebrate the marriages in the family.
Celebrate the wonderful lives of family members.

C, Family Lore, Family History

24 August 2012

A to Z B


B , A-Z, Fun

B is for Babies

Yes without babies where would any of us "B"?

B , A-Z, Fun

Cause we all started out as babies, sweet cuddly babies.  Then we grew up to pursue those who have passed this life.

Next time you see a Baby  yes  its the furture. 

B , A-Z, Fun

23 August 2012

A to Z in Genealogy A

Maid of Orleans, Mark Twain, Joan du Arch, Family, Great Aunt, descendant, family lore, A, A-Z
My A tru Z’s of doing Genealogy   

A is for Accumulate

As a family historian I have accumulated so many Birth, marriage & death records.

 As well dates and places of other events in my ancestors lives. 
Maid of Orleans, Mark Twain, Joan du Arch, Family, Great Aunt, descendant, family lore

Accumulated first in paper form, then printed form, on to Floppy disk, to cd rom, have always have lost whats on the hard drive.

Now onto a more modern approach as the thumb drive & MP3 devices. 

Always have the paper print out back up. 

As well off site family tree accessible 24/7 tru the internet.
A, genealogy, family history, Maid of Orleans, Mark Twain, Joan du Arch, Family, Great Aunt, descendant, family lore

22 August 2012

B.C. Tribes

Tribes of the B.C. period

See if you recognize any of these names or is it all new to you?

Aequis, Ambrones, Campani, Cimbri, Gauls, Hernici, Marsians, Picentini, family history, family lore, world view, genealogy, cemetery, graves, tombstone,
Teutones Visigoths Umbrians, Gauls, Cimbri, Campani, Hernici, Marsians, Picentini, Soilders, Roman conquers, family history, family lore, world view, genealogy, cemetery, graves, tombstone,
Romans, Sabines, Samnites, Sidicini, family history, Genealogy, Teutones Visigoths Umbrians

After all this is just a list of some of the tribes from Ancient Roman history.  

 Would we like to know of which of these tribes we can connect our blood lines to.   
Who can ever say they are of only one Blood Line?  

 Well lets go back in time.  To me No one can!!!

21 August 2012

Maps as art


Check it out  its about map makers etc... Art style.  Cool stuff

Family Name Eure

Eure family name   

Where does this name originate?

I find a river in northern France that is named Eure.  Does this family name originate in France? 

I do not have the answers to these questions. 
 However I did find a web site with information on the Eure family in England going way, way , way way, way way & way back in time. 

 I went as far today as 1220 with a Sir hugh de Eure.

You know my ma-tra verify before you accept it.  It always a good start when you find a tree that has most of what you yourself have researched.  That you have come to your conclusion you write it down as accepted Fact.  You make note of your source. As always someone else must be able to also look at the same info and be able to make their own conclusion.  Enough preaching on sourcing your info..

the web address as mentioned above is:


As always please share your discoveries with the rest of us seeking out the same family.

Happy Ancestor Hunting

17 August 2012


  Is Eure Royality

   I am trying to get to the bottom of my Eure lines.  Are they of a Royal Hose?  Or was a Eure Knighted?

I can understand a Knight becoming a Sheriff.  But Royal Blood having an occupation, naw not in my mind.  Why would a royal be a Sheriff???

Then later generation was there a Eure man which married a Princess?  If so then a Royal connection is made.

16 August 2012

"The visitations of Yorkshire in the years 1563 and 1564"

Has anyone tried using this book in their Yorkshire research?

"The visitations of Yorkshire in the years 1563 and 1564", 
made by William Flower, esquire, Norroy King of Arms

Yorkshire research, genealogy, family history, family research, family lore, England, Yorkshire, William Flower,
Yorkshire research, genealogy, family history, family research, family lore, England, Yorkshire, William Flower,

Yorkshire research, genealogy, family history, family research, family lore, England, Yorkshire, William Flower,

   It has many royal families listed in it. It does not have dates of births & marriages for these familes.  It is a book of pedigrees for those in the Yorkshire area for the years listed in the title.

   Please kindly inform me of your knowledge of how best to use this book if you have found success .

11 August 2012

Updated New Info for Dora Putman is she the daughter of John & Marilla Putman

Have you found something strange in your research of your family history?
Like when I found a marriage record showing a daughter that there is no other record for.

Its all in regards to Dora Donelson father name is here as John Putman mother is Marilla F Cook. 

 Her daughter Mrs Pearl Sterns & possibly her son Ormond Donelson stood up for them for the wedding.

Who is Dora Putman born in 1861 or 1862 in Michigan. Is she a late born daughter of John & Marilla Putman?  Who married John Donelson and moved to the west side of the state? As well married George Wallace

So many questions unanswered.

Part #2

My sissy found a marriage certificate for a marriage of a Dorathea Putman & John Donelson inUnionville, Tuscola County. 

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