05 January 2012

Finding those extended family members that may have information you need or Great old Family Photos

My research would not be where it is if it was not for distant Cousins, Siblings, Parents, Aunts & Uncles.  In your research for your family history make sure to include all know relatives.  Especially those that married into the family since they will have a different perspective of the family.  They will be more likely to spill the beans on the family versus a family member who is protecting the "Families Good Name".  Normally family members are much less likely to include the mistakes of the more recent generations.  Some may admit to follies of a more distant generation.  Then most will be tight lipped about any thing within their own family. 

If finding a married-in member who will talk about what they know about the paticular family is difficult. I suggest tring newspapers and court records.  Of course when you know which municipilaty to look in.

Then a way I have acculimated info. for distant relatives I have found Google most inspiring.  A big plus is that is is free.  Serendipity is what I have found by looking for a certain person I never found out about them, what is revealed to me is about someone else in the family.  Such as in Google Images enter in a name. You may or may not see a photo of them.  I have found Grave Markers this way.  Sometimes from various Cemetery web sites, within GenWeb, or Find A Grave.

On one such occasion I entered in a Family name photos of Grave Markers along with all the non related photos showed up.  I clicked on the photo of the Grave Marker it then brought me to the web site where the photo had been posted.  It was within a GenWeb cemetery site.  There it listed who had submitted the photo.  I was able to find their email address.  I then contacted them regarding their efforts.  Voile do you know he went on to share much info & photos of my 2nd & 3rd great grandparents.  It was such a great windfall.  I am most fortunate to have those photos now [copies anyway].

Google has such great potential to help in your Family Research.  Use it, & reuse it.  I have had days when I entered in a name [not looking for photos] nothing came up that day. I then retried the following day still maybe nothing.  Then by the 4th or 5th time I then may have had a hit.  So if you do not have success the first time.  Do Not give up try agagin and again.   

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