20 January 2012

How to know which line to follow and for how long without any answers? Martha Gray/Strong

My experience has been Followin the direct line is best brings quickest results.   Then if an ancestor is elusive you will have to follow a different path.   The Cluster way of Genealogy.  When you can no longer follow your direct line it's time to skirt around it.  ie...  Grandmas mother mother no known paretns can be found.  Well did she have a sister or brother?  If yes then follow them.   If you are able to find out about them, then you should be able to then find out who their parents are.

I tried to do this for my GGGmother Martha Gray [Strong]   I have not had success.  No known birth records of the children. So there is no way to know what her parents names were.    It is most difficult since she had only 2 children one son & one daughter.  Her son died without marriage or offspring.  Her daughter was married twice had two children.  She died in her early 30's  No family history kept.

By the way this all took place in a tiny place called Garden, Delta,  Michigan. In the Upper Pennisula.

When Martha's children died their death records conflict of the known parents names.  On her daughters death cert. her name is Martha Gray  but on her sons death record she is listed as Martha Strong.

Facts I do know and have sources for.  She was living with Gray family in 1870  She married Mr Daniel Kelly had two children Hugh Thomas & Katherine.

It is believed that Martha was adopted by the Gray family.  There are No Adoption records for this.  In Daniel Kelly's Will the only child listed is his daughter & grandson.

Some would say the search is over you cannot go any further.  Follow the adopted family.  I have them. great family historythere.  So my search continues...

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