21 January 2012

Using Message Boards To Help Find Your Elusive Ancestor

How many times I have posted to a Message board either on Genforum or Ancestry.com and I Have received a reply.

It works it has worked for me over 7 times.  I have posted to specific sub topics/Family name board.  I have received a message back.  It s normally a couple of years or less.  In 2010 I received a reply to a post that was almost 3 yrs. old.  They were so helpful.

I believe the only way someone is going to find out who your looking for is to let others know who your looking for.  By every means necessary.

My list includes:  Blog


                              Web sites that allow you post your research
                              Join your local Genealogy History Society, they will have a member section should allow you to list out who your researching.
                             Volunteer for Find A Grave   [Found a 8x removed cousin]
                             Your family web site [if you have one]
                             Sign Guest books of family web sites [ I found a cousin by this method it was non genealogy related though].

Happy Posting to these wonderful resources.  Remember to verify before you accept as fact.

1 comment:

cindilouhu said...

This is really great! I never thought of putting my ancestors on those sites. Thank-you so much.

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